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Advertising Ads
This is not a selling site, but rather an informational site.

Advertising jbc:282
Jungle Book
Jungle Book
by: Walt Disney Productions

Show Bill, used to help advertise the movie.
9 x 13 inches.

source: eBay

Advertising jbc:4036 English
The Bare Necessities of Healthy Living...
The Bare Necessities of Healthy Living...

Eat Right.
Be Active,
Have Fun.

Find out more at

Advertising jbc:3708 English
"Jungle Book" Patches and Charms!
by: Kleenex
year: 1967

See also patches jbc:1072, jbc:1076, jbc:1078, jbc:1079, jbc:182, jbc:918 and charms jbc:180

Advertising jbc:3709
"Jungle Book"
by: Royal Puddings & Gelatins
year: 1968

Direct your own actors from the new Walt Disney cartoon movie "Jungle Book"

Advertising jbc:4879 Dutch
Ssspaar voor mij.
Ssspaar voor mij.
by: Albert Heijn
year: 2007

Dutch advertising poster.

See also jbc:4643

Advertising jbc:5126
Cartea junglei
Cartea junglei
by: Gama
year: 2008

7 pages
15.5 x 17 cm
ISBN: 9789737824950

Advertising jbc:4483 English
Eat Right. Be Active.
Have Fun.
Eat Right. Be Active., Have Fun.
year: 2009

Find "The Bare Necessitie of Healthy Living at
Photo by 'mgrhode1'
Disney's Jungle Book nutrition ad for the USDA on a Washington, DC bus stop.

See also jbc:4036

Advertising jbc:5034 Hebrew
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book, Cheerios
by: Nestlé
year: 2010

Advertising for jbc:5033

Advertising jbc:5599
Hear The Jungle Book
and other classics
Hear The Jungle Book, and other classics
by: Penguin
year: 2011

Advertising for Penguin Audiobooks

Last update: Monday March 4, 2013