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zaterdag 19 januari, 2013

Hope this is relative here, but for interest available, there is an English translated comic page of "Pyrenee" that can be found here:


zaterdag 27 oktober, 2012

Good day. I really like your website - what a lot of stuff on it. I have not had a chance to look at all of it yet. I am a collector of all sorts of things, but mostly toys. I grew up in South Africa in the 1970's and can remember Jungle Book items (from cardboard) that could pop out and then one could place or hand them on a pop up stand (I think). I recently got hold of a few of the cards. They have written on themL The Jungle Book, Caltex, Boron (all on the front) and Walt Disney Production, Prov Pat No 72/7121 (at the back). A character is displayed (both teh front and the back of the character), which can then be popped out. My questions: can you tell me more about these cards, e.g. how many are in the set, where could one look to buy them, where can one find the stand (or even just a picture of it)? I hope you can assist in some way - any information will be appreciated. Many thanks, my best regards, craig

Craig Pannell

donderdag 11 oktober, 2012

Please disregard my post of Dec. 21, 2011. The e-book I self-published called Evangelizing Mowgli has been deleted from Lulu, significantly revised, and I am seeking a publisher for this new version. (If my earlier post can be deleted, all the better to avoid any confusion. Thanks!)

done :) -- Marc

James Penrice

woensdag 12 september, 2012

Nice to browse this site, Actually i was searching the Characters of Jungle books.
I would like to suggest here a huge collection of "Jungle Book" :

Scott Leger

woensdag 12 september, 2012

Nice to browse this site, Actually i was searching the Characters of Jungle books.
I would like to suggest here a big collection of "Jungle Book" :

Scott Leger

zaterdag 24 maart, 2012

Articles not related to the Jungle Book will be removed from this guestbook

Sorry to the RSS feed readers who get most messages before I removed them.

I will remove guestbook entries from the feed later this weekend. This way you will miss new guestbook entries but also the spam.


vrijdag 9 maart, 2012

Nice to know this site.Wow how the world has progressed!
When I was a child there was this contest where we had to collect the inner parts of metal caps of soft drinks that had images of Mowgli and his friends.We had to collect them and stick them on a book.
Keep up the good work.

Kiron Manuel

maandag 14 november, 2011


Do you know of any website in Italy where you can buy the entire series of the Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli? been searching online but been unable to find one.

;amy thanks


zondag 31 juli, 2011

I am about to list a full set of 6 Disney Jungle Book Oily jigglers on ebay. I thought you might want to know.

Sue Fox

vrijdag 20 mei, 2011

Mowgli Hate's Diapers Here is the link to my "Mowgli Hate's Diapers" drawing that you can add to your Queue:


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