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Sunday November 8, 2009

Hi !

I am unable to find the dvd set in the italian site ! Could you please help me? It is not in amazon also :(

Hi Sandeep,
Try a search at and use search term like "Libro della Giungla dvd"...
It is possible to store your search and get an email automatically as soon as product becomes available (see the article "Ebay Source" in my wiki)



Wednesday September 9, 2009

Can you please help me to find invites,napkins,etc for a 1 yr old Bithday Party!! THANK YOU,


Saturday April 25, 2009

Hello, I have a new page on yahoo group, Akela's Place, and I'm putting up all of my Mowgli Sketches work on there like I did with DeviantArt.
Here is the link for the gallery section:

If you would like to host a page on here to showcase my work, that would be nice also.

DW13 (aka DTWX)

Sunday April 19, 2009


Great resource, thank you. I am hoping you might be able to help me with a bit of information that amazon, ebay etc isn't offering. I'm looking for a read along CD book for my son (he's 3), but based on the disney version at this age.

Seen a couple of titles, but wondering if you know on this one:

whether the read along is a narration from the movie (including songs at all?) or a different rendition? Thanks

Eliot Palmer

Friday April 10, 2009

While I am humbly flattered by my 'Mowgli Hates Diapers' picture on DeviantArt that you added many moons ago, I also have done something similar here:

Only problem is that due to the Ober Gruben Fuhrer's on DA, I cannot upload the colored pictures on there and have tried a few picture sites, including my photobucket site, but it would not display the image in it's full HQ resolution.
So I am requesting a site that you can hopefully find somewhere that I can upload the pictures in full resolution & with a description/comments area too.


DW13 (aka. DTWX)

Wednesday February 4, 2009

Like your web, but miss one great illustrator: the spanish Juan Arranz, who made a real good comic of the jungle book in the comics "Trinca" in Spain. Have a look in the or in, and you will get some good images.

Hi Jose,
Thank you very much!
I added Trinca #1 (jbc:4004), Trinca #2 (jbc:4002) and Trinca #21 (jbc:4003)

Trinca #1Trinca #2Trinca #21


Monday November 3, 2008


send even one Mauglího, which I did, this time to ex libris. I like R. Kipling and The Jungle Book. Cordially health, Peter

Petr Minka

Sunday September 14, 2008

Hi! I dont have any suggestions for the webpage, but I have a favor to ask. I was wondering if you knew where I could track down one of the jungle book charm bracelets shown on this page. My girlfriend would LOVE one and I cant seem to find them! Thanks so much!

Hi Chandler,
Try a search at and use search term like "jungle book bracelets"...
It is possible to store your search and get an email automatically as soon as product becomes available (see the article "Ebay Source" in my wiki)



Wednesday August 27, 2008

hallo., ik ben me gek aan het zoeken naar jungle book behang. Ik had dat als kind vroeger ook zelf. Nu kan ik het zelf laten maken maar heb ik high res foto nodig van jungle book 9min 3 Mb) kan iemand mij helpen ajb? Hoor graag. bedankt alvast.


Wednesday July 9, 2008

I am so happy to finally see the entire collection of the twelve Limoges Jungle Book plates. I have one, the Elephant, it was my father's birthday cake plate when he was a little boy. I would be very interested in buying others from the collection. Please let me know if there is some way to discover someone who has these that would like to sell. Jane B

Jane Bowe


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