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dinsdag 28 maart, 2006

Lee M did sent me a link to one of the scariest-looking Mowglis ever seen (with a green wolf!).
See jbc:3249


zaterdag 4 maart, 2006

excellent site. I have used this info for scouts


woensdag 1 februari, 2006

I saw your Kipling plates for sale, and, like another one of your guests, my jaw dropped. They are beautiful and I would like to purchase some. Do you have any information on where you got these plates? Please, any information at all would be very helpful. Thank you.

Hi Ramon,

This site is not a selling site but rather an informational site. There is a link near the item when a selling address is known. (In this case the item was an auction at eBay, so it was only available there for a very short time)



vrijdag 6 januari, 2006

Just a quick note to let you know I've revamped the Wild at Heart homepage so most of the links are at the top. As always, any comments and opinions are appreciated.


donderdag 1 december, 2005

Link to a nice and large image (jbc:2915) and a lot of Italian books added (found by Lee M -- Thank you!)
jbc:2920, jbc:2921, jbc:2922, jbc:2923, jbc:2924, jbc:2925 and jbc:2926



woensdag 2 november, 2005

Here's an eBay page I discovered featuring an alternative cover for "Classics Illustrated 83: The Jungle Book" (jbc:318). It's a nice big illustration, and I'll have to post it somewhere on the Wild at Heart site to preserve it.

Thank you! Nice scan.
I fixed a typo at jbc:393 (so that search would have worked on this one too :) and added links between jbc:318 and jbc:393.



dinsdag 1 november, 2005

There is another Royal Doulton plate that you haven't shown on the collection pages. It is Kotick the White Seal, PN 15. I just purchased one, Item #7359911952. I don't know if you can get the photo from that. I purchased one before and it had a better photo. Let me know.

Thank you very much, it is now added. See jbc:2853.

Michael ROW

vrijdag 28 oktober, 2005

De welpenleiders van onze scouts hebben namen uit "jungelbook". Twee er van zijn kotick en mang.
kunt u uitleg en afbeelding bezorgen aub

Twee pagina's toegevoegd aan JBWiki, Kotick en Mang.


woensdag 19 oktober, 2005

New (pmwiki) engine at the Jungle Book Wiki. Sometimes a bit slow, and the Dutch interface is not complete yet.
But give it a try. Extra Jungle Book information is always welcome.


maandag 19 september, 2005

If there's one thing I can't stand it's people who pretend to be nice just so they can spam you. :-(

Lee M

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