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Rudyard Kipling, , The Jungle Play (jbc:1175) Object
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Books (English) jbc:1175 English
Rudyard Kipling,
The Jungle Play
Rudyard Kipling, , The Jungle Play
by: Penguin Books, London [they moved from Harmondsworth!]
year: 2000

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Thomas Pinney
Cover art by Christopher Wormell, some interior sketches by Rudyard Kipling
Language: English
Paperback, 12.5 x 19.5 cm

A lost work by Kipling from 1901, finally published almost a century after it was originally written!
Kipling was interested in adapting the Mowgli stories as a play but for various reasons he never completed it and the manuscript was filed away and forgotten until recently.
It's interesting to compare the play with the books. There are lots of new scenes, and Mowgli's adopted human mother Messua now has a daughter, Dulia.
As a bonus, the book also includes some previously unseen sketches for the Mowgli stories, drawn to give a magazine artist some visual assistance. (I've reproduced one page) The sketches don't really have anything to do with the play, but it's nice to have them, if only to get an idea of how Kipling saw Mowgli. (Lee M)

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