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Mowgli and Shere Khan (jbc:1226) Object
This is not a selling site, but rather an informational site.

Figurine jbc:1226
Mowgli and Shere Khan
Mowgli and Shere Khan
year: 1895~

Sculptor - Edward Kemeys
Title - Mowgli and Shere Khan
Sand Cast Bronze
6 1/2" height by 11" length (16.5cm by 27.9cm)

- Is it Shere Khan or Bagheera? (Marc)
- Good question. If it was Shere Khan you wouldn't expect Mowgli to get so close without a weapon (ie fire), but if you look carefully you can see what look like stripes on the cat's body. The caption says it's a fanciful rendition, so maybe it's not meant to be a literal interpretation of the story. Or maybe the sculptor just didn't read the story properly! :-) (Lee M)
extra info: Monday November 5, 2007  (Bob Mc Gann)

This was created by the artist for a group of Chicago collectors, and was described as a tiger going to the river, and being played with by an elf with a stick. Doubtful this is a Mowgli and Shere Khan rendition.


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