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The Jungle Book Game (jbc:123) Object
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Games jbc:123
The Jungle Book Game
The Jungle Book Game

This exciting game of skill is made all the more realistic by the use of the characters and illustrations from The Jungle Book.

The game itself is a simplified version of the German game Barrikad. Mowgli has been captured by the monkeys and taken to the Cold Lair, where he has been placed in a snake pit in an old deserted city. Its buildings have long since collapsed and it is now the refuge of the monkeys. Baloo, Baghera and Kaa have come to rescue Mowgli and return him home. The dangerous tiger Shere Khan prowls the city too. The object is to proceed through the Cold Lairs attempting to pass the Monkeys and be the first to reach Mowgli.

Specially commissioned triple fold game board with a matt laminated finish.
Four gold plated pieces of Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and Shere Khan sculptured especially for the game and based on the original illustrations from 1894.
Plain wooden dice and counters.
Story rule book containing the story 'Kaa's Hunting', from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling giving the background of the game.
High quality box printed in gold on Deerskin finish blue paper in the style of Victorian packaging

extra info: Sunday September 5, 2010  (christine hansen)

hi just wondering where i could get a game like this game thanks

source: (outdated link)

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