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The Jungle Book, Mystery of the Ancients, The Legend of Mowgli (jbc:1374) Object
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Computer Games jbc:1374
The Jungle Book
Mystery of the Ancients
The Legend of Mowgli
The Jungle Book, Mystery of the Ancients, The Legend of Mowgli
by: Hollywood Interactive Digital Entertainment

A Children's Fantasy
CD-ROM with Live Action Digital Video
An incredible interactive adventure for children and adults alike! Based on Rudyard Kipling's Classic adventure of Mowgli, a boy raised in the jungle by wolves. Join Mowgli in a fantastic interactive adventure through the enchanted lands of India.
Along with the adventure are the fantastic story of the jungle book, and a pictorial overview of the jungles and lands the story is based upon. Interact with strange people from a far away land along your adventure. The perfect CD-ROM for children featuring live digital video, interactive characters, and a superb digital soundtrack.

System Requirements:
PC Minimum: 386, 4MB RAM, SVGA 8-bit at 320x240. Suggested: 486, 8MB RAM, SVGA 16-bit at 640x480, MPC compatible sound card, Windows 3.1, DOS 5.0 or later.
MAC Minimum: System 7 or higher, 256 color, 4MB RAM. Suggested: Thousands colors, 8MB RAM.

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The Jungle Book, The Legend of Mowgli
1995 English

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