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Adventure, Stories for Boys (jbc:1581) Object
This is not a selling site, but rather an informational site.

Books (English) jbc:1581 English
Stories for Boys
Adventure, Stories for Boys
by: Octupus Books, London
year: 1983 reprint (First Published 1978)

Pictorial Hardcover,
398 pages
The 36 stories included in this book are:
"How I Won the World Title" by Muhammad Ali;
"The talking Head" by Gerald Durrell;
"The Hunting of Tarka" by Henry Williamson;
"Picking Up Terrible Company" by Amelia B. Edwards;
"Secret Mission to North Africa" by Frederick C. Painton;
"The Ruum" by Arthur Porges;
"I Escape From The Boers" by Sir Winston Churchill;
"Death's Head" by Gordon Roddick;
"The Lost Mines in the Green Hell" by Lt. Col. P. H. Fawcett;
"The Railway Raid in Georgia" by John Buchan;
"The Miracle of the Black Canyon" by Morley Roberts;
"rescue of the Comorin's Crew" by Commander John Keran;
"A Dream of Death" by James Hogg;
"The Boy Spy" by Alphonse Daudet;
"The Smashing of the Dams" by Wing Commander Guy Gibson;
"Annapurna" by Maurcie Herzog;
"The Centurion's Escape" by Anonymous;
"The Haunted Tuckshop" by Frank Richards;
"Assignment with an Octupus" by Arthur Grimble;
"The Voyage to South Georgia" by Sir Ernest Shackleton;
"Accessory Before the Fact" by Algernon Blackwood;
"Chickamauga" by Thomas Wolfe;
"Craters of Fire" by H. Tazieff;
"Laffey and the Kamikazes" by Commander John Kerans;
"Ben Blower's Story" by Charles Fenno Hoffman;
"Mowgli and the Badar-log" by Rudyard Kipling;
"To Build a Fire" by Jack London;
"The Q-Ships" by Graeme Cook;
"One of the Missing" by Ambrose Bierce;
"The Chicken-Switch" by Elleston Trevor;
"The Toughest Race in the World" by Stirling Moss;
"The Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe;
"The Little Sardinian Drummer" by Edmondo De Amicis;
"Condemned to Death" by Andre Devigny;
"Into the Snake Pit" by Gerald Durrell;
and "Escape of the Orzel" by Commander John Kerans...

source: eBay

Last update: Sunday January 31, 2016