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Jungle Book (jbc:3793) Object
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Toys jbc:3793
Jungle Book
Jungle Book

Bath toy set that I think came from Disney, featuring the characters from the Jungle Book 2 movie.
This set has suckers to attach it to the side of the bath in 3 places. There is a push button on one end, a revolving wheel with Kaa the snake on in the middle, and a cup at the other end. There are 2 holders that hook on - one withMowgli on that has a hole in the bottom that twists to allow water to drip through. The other holder has Shanti on, with holes in the bottom for drips. There are 2 figurines that can be used for squirting water - Baloo and the baby elephant - these can then be stored in the cups. Finally there is a plastic beaker that goes with it all, and 2 plastic discs with holes in for blowing bubbles out of - just use bubble mixture or even bubble bath - great fun!!

source: eBay

Last update: Sunday January 31, 2016