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The Third Jungle Book (jbc:683) Object
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Books (English) jbc:683 English
The Third Jungle Book
The Third Jungle Book
by: Roberts Rinehart Publishers
year: 1992

by Pamela Jekel,
Illustrated by Nancy Malick.
220 pages
- Fire in the Jungle
- Where the Elephants Dance
- The Porcupine and the Poison People
- Gargadan, the Great Rhino
- In the Cave of Badur
- Bagheera and the Spring Hunt
- The Mad Elephant of Mandla
- Jacala, Tyrant of the Marsh
- The Ghost Tiger
- Master of the Jungle

See also jbc:2408 and jbc:5004

extra info: Thursday September 25, 2003  (Lee M)

New stories about Mowgli. First published 1992. Not a bad imitation of Kipling's style, but some modernisms do creep in from time to time.

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Maugli, Újabb Dsungeltörténetek
Třetí kniha džunglí (The Third Jungle Book)
1993 Czech

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