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October 11, 2009 Books (Polish) jbc:4183 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) 1961 (Polish)
  Books (Polish) jbc:4182 Druga księga dżungli (Jungle Book) Nasza Ksi garnia 1963 (Polish)
  Books (Polish) jbc:4181 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) IBIS 2008 (Polish)
  Entertainment jbc:4180 Księgi Dżungli (Jungle Book) 2006 (22 april) (Polish)
  Entertainment jbc:4179 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) 2005 (Polish)
  Books (Polish) jbc:4178 2 Classic Fables
The Jungle Book
2007 (Polish)
  Art jbc:4177 The Jungle Book
Mowgli and Bagheera
  Books (Polish) jbc:4176 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) Greg 2008 (Polish)
  Audio jbc:4175 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) Promatek Media 2008 (Polish)
October 8, 2009 Audio jbc:4174 Маугли (Maugli) 1987 (Russian)
  Food jbc:4172 Jungle Book Birthday Cake (English)
October 7, 2009 Cars jbc:4171 Jungle Book on Ice Cream Car 2009
October 6, 2009 Books (Other) jbc:4170 Viidakkokirja (Finnish)
October 2, 2009 Art jbc:4168 Mowgli 2009
  Cars jbc:4167 Jungle Crossing 2009 (English)
September 30, 2009 Miscellaneous jbc:4166 Mowgli Disney
  Entertainment jbc:4165 Jungleboek 2006 (Dutch)
  Magazines jbc:4164 Le Livre de la Jungle (4) Nestlé (French)
  Magazines jbc:4163 Het Jungle Boek (4) Nestlé
  Video jbc:4162 Jungle Boek Golden Films
  CD jbc:4161 Jungle Boek Deltas (Dutch)
  Stickers jbc:4160 A dzsungel könyve (Hungarian)
  CD jbc:4159 The Jungle Book
  Photographs jbc:4158 Rosemary DeCamp 1942~
September 28, 2009 Computer Games jbc:4157 Mowgli,
O Menino Lobo
  Books (English) jbc:4156 Jungle Book New York Tempo Books 1980 (English)
  Figurine jbc:4155 The Jungle Book Halloween at Disneyland 2009
  Art jbc:4154 Jungle Book
  Art jbc:4153 Jungle Book - The Indian City
  Art jbc:4152 Jungle Book - Mowgli's learning
  Cards jbc:4151 Junglekort (Danish)
September 27, 2009 Books (Spanish) jbc:4149 Cuatro Cuentos de Libre de la Selva 1975 (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4148 El Libro de la Selva 1969 (Spanish)
  Posters jbc:4147 El Hijo de las Fieras 1946 (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4146 El Libro de la Selva (Spanish)
  Disney Books jbc:4145 El Libro de la Selva Yupy 1971 (Spanish)
  Disney Books jbc:4144 El Libro de la Selva Bruguera (Spanish)
  Disney Books jbc:4143 El Libro de la Selva Walt Disney (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4142 El Libro de las Tierras Virgenes Gustavo Gili SA - Barcelona 1949 (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4141 El libro de la selva 1973 (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4140 El libro de la selva 1986 (Spanish)
  Comic Strips jbc:4139 Mowgli (Spanish)
September 13, 2009 Books (Spanish) jbc:4137 El Libro de la Selva
del Monte Impenetrable
Albatros (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4135 El libro de la selva (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4134 El Libro de la Selva Editorial Lumen, SA (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4133 El Libro de la Selva (Spanish)
  Entertainment jbc:4131 El Libro de la Selva 2009 (apr 19) (Spanish)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:4130 El Libro de la Selva (Spanish)
August 30, 2009 Books (English) jbc:4129 The Jungle Book Sterling 2007 (nov) (English)
August 29, 2009 Figurine jbc:4128 Kaa and Mowgli in a tree R&R Hill (devon)
  Removed jbc:4127 Removed (Turkish
  Murals jbc:4126 "Trouble in the Jungle" book 2009
August 27, 2009 Books (Japanese) jbc:4125 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) (Japanese)
  Audio jbc:4124 The Jungle Book Disney (Japanese)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:4123 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) (Japanese)
  Miscellaneous jbc:4122 The Jungle Book
August 24, 2009 Removed jbc:4121 Disney's
Jungle Book
Fleetway Books (English)
August 23, 2009 Art jbc:4120 The Jungle Book
  Art Disney JB jbc:4119 The Jungle Book 1968
  Books (English) jbc:4118 The Jungle Book Stone Arch Books 2009 (September 1) (English)
  Books (English) jbc:4117 Famous Stories Of
The Jungle Book
  Books (English) jbc:4116 Best of Mowgli Tales (English)
August 22, 2009 Keychain jbc:4115 Baloo & Mowgli N.A.-DTM 1989
  Entertainment jbc:4114 The Jungle Book The Young Vic, London 1995 (English)
August 12, 2009 Books (Turkish) jbc:4111 Orman Çocuğu (Turkish)
August 9, 2009 Audio (Misc.) jbc:4109 정글북 (Jungle Book) WorldCom (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4108 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2006 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4107 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2001 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4106 정글북 (Jungle Book) 1982 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4105 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2004 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4103 정글북 (Jungle Book) Donghwa 2005 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4102 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2006 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4101 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2006 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4100 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2004 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4099 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2006 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:4098 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2007 (Korean)
  Entertainment jbc:4097 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2006 (Korean)
August 7, 2009 Books (Japanese) jbc:4096 The Jungle Books 1978 (Japanese
  Shirts jbc:4095 Jungle Book (English)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:4094 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) 1954 (Japanese)
  Books (English) jbc:4093 The Jungle Book Oxford (English)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:4092 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) 1995 (Japanese)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:4091 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) 1979 (Japanese)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:4090 The Jungle Book I 1990 (Japanese)
  Books (Other) jbc:4089 The Mowgli Stories (Thai)
August 4, 2009 Toys jbc:4088 Mowgli
August 2, 2009 Murals jbc:4087 The Jungle Book 2008
July 26, 2009 Books (Japanese) jbc:4086 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) (Japanese)
  Audio jbc:4084 Djungelboken
Mowglis äventyr
  Figurine jbc:4083 Mowgli & Baloo
  Art jbc:4082 The Jungle Book 2008
  Books (French) jbc:4081 Le livre de la Jungle (French)
  Books (French) jbc:4080 Le livre de la Jungle Castor poche-Flammarion (French)
  Books (French) jbc:4079 Le second livre de la Jungle Castor poche-Flammarion (French)
  Magazines jbc:4078 Virgule #50
Les enfant sauvages
2008 (French)
July 24, 2009 Figurine jbc:4076 Mowgli Royal Doulton 2008
July 21, 2009 Art jbc:4075 Mowgli 2009
July 14, 2009 Miscellaneous jbc:4074 Jungle Book
June 28, 2009 Art jbc:4073 Mowgli and the wolves 1990
  Food jbc:4072 Jungle Book Magnolia Bake & Cake. 2009


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