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April 21, 2007 Clothes jbc:3624 Jungle Book
Swim Trunks
April 19, 2007 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:3623 Jungle Book
Walt Disney
Tower Press London
  Comic Strips jbc:3622 The Jungle Book Marvel Publishing, Inc. 2007 (april 11) (English)
  Mugs jbc:3621 Baloo Disney
  Clothes jbc:3620 Disney Movie Leather Belt Lee 1960's maybe early 70's (English)
  Disney Books jbc:3619 Het Jungle-boek Walt Disney productions 1971 (Dutch)
April 6, 2007 Stickers jbc:3618 Jungle Boek 2
Hemma 2003 (Dutch)
  Draw / Paint jbc:3617 Disney's
Das Dschungelbuch 2
Xenos 2003 (German)
March 27, 2007 Audio jbc:3616 2 Big Hits... from Walt Disney's Great Musical Cartoon
"The Jungle Book"
OK Bazaars 1966 (English)
March 17, 2007 Statues jbc:3614 Mowgli and Bagheera
March 16, 2007 Comic Strips jbc:3613 National Children's Classic
The Jungle Book
1974 (English)
March 12, 2007 Books (English) jbc:3612 The Jungle Book Macmillan 1969 (English)
  Audio jbc:3611 The Jungle Book
I Wan'na Be Like you
Vista 1968 (English)
March 5, 2007 CD jbc:3610 The Jungle Book (English)
  Art jbc:3609 The Jungle Book (English)
March 3, 2007 Books (Russian) jbc:3608 Маугли (Maugli) 1969 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3607 Книга джунглей (The Jungle Book) Terra-book club 2003 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3606 Tales
R. Kipling
2001 (Russian)
  Audio jbc:3605 Маугли (Maugli) 2006 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3604 Маугли (Maugli) 1993 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3603 Маугли (Maugli) 2005 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3601 Маугли (Maugli) 2006 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3600 Маугли (Maugli) 2006 (Russian)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:3599 The Jungle Book
  Removed jbc:3598 Mowgli and Kaa
  Miscellaneous jbc:3597 Mowgli and Baloo Shelf
  Books (English) jbc:3596 The Jungle Books (English)
  Pins jbc:3595 Mowgli & Baloo Dancing
February 28, 2007 Books (German) jbc:3594 Mogli das Dschungelkind 1922 (German)
  Miscellaneous jbc:3593 The Jungle Book 1990~ (English)
  Bedding jbc:3592 Baloo Disney
February 27, 2007 Comic Strips jbc:3591 Petit d'homme
1) L'Eveil
Soleil Productions 1998 (French)
February 23, 2007 Removed jbc:3590 Baloo and Mowgli Disney
  Miscellaneous jbc:3589 My Room
  Clocks and Watches jbc:3588 The Jungle Book Disney
  Audio (Misc.) jbc:3587 Jungle Book Piano
February 20, 2007 Comic Strips jbc:3586 Le Dernier
Livre de la jungle
3. Le Printemps
Lombard 2006 (French)
  Books (French) jbc:3585 Le Livre de la Jungle
l'enfant sauvage
Hatier 1997 (French)
  Books (English) jbc:3584 Le livre de la jungle
The Jungle Book
  Books (French) jbc:3583 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)
February 19, 2007 Disney Books jbc:3582 Disney's
Das Dschungelbuch 2
Xenos 2003 (German)
  Magazines Donald Duck NL jbc:3581 Donald Duck
Nr. 50 - 2006
Sanoma Uitgevers 2006 #50 (Dutch)
  Magazines Donald Duck NL jbc:3580 Donald Duck
Nr. 51 - 2006
Sanoma Uitgevers 2006 #51 (Dutch)
  Magazines Donald Duck NL jbc:3579 Donald Duck
Nr. 28 - 2006
Sanoma Uitgevers 2006 #28 (Dutch)
  Magazines Donald Duck NL jbc:3578 Donald Duck
Nr. 44 - 2006
Sanoma Uitgevers 2006 #44 (Dutch)
February 18, 2007 Shirts jbc:3577 Wheres the Jungle
  Shirts jbc:3576 Kaa
  Shirts jbc:3575 The Jungle Book
Mowgli & Baloo
  Books (Greek) jbc:3573 Το βιβλίο της ζούγκλας (The Jungle Book) (Greek)
February 16, 2007 Cars jbc:3572 Jungle Book
February 14, 2007 Art jbc:3571 Mowgli with Wolves
  Books (French) jbc:3570 le Livre de la Jungle
Histoire de Mowgli
éditions Delahaye 2006 (French)
February 11, 2007 Comic Strips jbc:3569 Het Laatste Jungleboek
3. De lente
De Lombard 2006 (Dutch)
  Comic Strips jbc:3568 Fables
Vertigo 2006 (English)
February 9, 2007 Posters jbc:3567 Маугли (Maugli) 1930s (Russian)
  Plush Dolls jbc:3566 Baloo
February 8, 2007 Figurine jbc:3565 King Louie Disney
  Figurine jbc:3564 Mowgli + Kaa Disney
  Figurine jbc:3563 Shere Khan Disney
February 3, 2007 Books (English) jbc:3562 The Jungle Book #3
Mowgli's Big Birthday
Sterling 2007 (May 1) (English)
January 28, 2007 Underwear jbc:3561 Shanti & Baloo
  Miscellaneous jbc:3560 The Jungle Book Cracker 1990
  Magazines jbc:3559 This Week Magazine 1954 (English)
  Disney Books jbc:3558 Das Dschungel-buch Delphin Verlag 1976 (German)
  Books (English) jbc:3557 The Jungle Book 2003 (English)
January 24, 2007 Books (English) jbc:3556 The Second Jungle Book MacMillan & Co Ltd. 1948 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:3555 Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Book
MacMillan 1939 (English)
  Books (Italian) jbc:3554 le Storie di Mowgli 1971 (2nd edition) (Italian)
January 21, 2007 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:3553 The Jungle Book
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:3552 The Jungle Book 2 Ravensburger
January 12, 2007 Stickers jbc:3551 The Jungle Book
January 10, 2007 Draw / Paint jbc:3550 The Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions 1967
January 8, 2007 Lobby cards jbc:3549 Shere Khan 1967
  Photographs jbc:3548 Sabu 1941
  Books (English) jbc:3547 The Jungle Book (English)
January 7, 2007 Posters jbc:3546 The Village Club, from "The Jungle Book"
January 6, 2007 Art jbc:3545 The terrible charge of the buffalo herd 2003
  Art jbc:3544 Mowgli 2006
January 5, 2007 Art jbc:3542 Mowgli
  Art jbc:3541 Mowgli
January 4, 2007 Murals jbc:3540 The Jungle Book
January 2, 2007 Art jbc:3539 Mowgli Fighting the Dole
  Art Disney JB jbc:3538 Mowgli and Baloo Disney's Desktop Stop
  Art Disney JB jbc:3537 Mowgli and Bagheera Disney's Desktop Stop
  Art jbc:3536 Mowgli et la te femme (French)
December 29, 2006 Postcards jbc:3535 Mowgli
December 26, 2006 Mowgli lookalikes jbc:3534 boy carrying water Elastolin
  Art jbc:3533 Mowgli 1929
  Art jbc:3532 Raksha
December 25, 2006 Video jbc:3531 Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Chuck Jones Enterprises 1975 (English)
  Video jbc:3530 Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Chuck Jones 1975 (English)
December 24, 2006 Photographs jbc:3529 Sabu
  Photographs jbc:3528 Sabu 1941
December 22, 2006 Bas-relief jbc:3527 Shere Khan
December 19, 2006 Art Disney JB jbc:3526 Jungle Book
December 6, 2006 Art jbc:3524 Rudyard Kipling
  Audio (Misc.) jbc:3523 The Jungle Book (English)
  Audio (Misc.) jbc:3522 The Jungle Book
Comic Book
  Clothes jbc:3521 Mowgli and Baloo
  Murals jbc:3520 Mowgli and Kaa 2003


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