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February 28, 2006 Audio Cassette jbc:3152 Tales from
The Jungle book
The Three Musketeers
Ladybird Books Ltd. (English)
  Stamps jbc:3151 The Jungle Book 1982
  CD jbc:3150 Kenny Loggins
"Two Different Worlds"
As featured in The Jungle Book
1995 (English)
  Books (Romanian) jbc:3148 Cartea Junglei (Romanian)
  Books (Romanian) jbc:3147 A doua carte a junglei 2004 (Romanian)
February 27, 2006 Books (Dutch) jbc:3146 Jungle Boek
Mowgli's verhaal
Christofoor, Zeist 2005 (Dutch)
February 24, 2006 Books (Other) jbc:3145 Džungliraamat (Jungle Book) (Estonian)
  Books (Romanian) jbc:3144 Cartea Junglei Herra (Romanian)
  Disney Books jbc:3143 Džungliraamat (Jungle Book) (Estonian)
  Disney Books jbc:3142 Džungliraamat (Jungle Book) 2005 (Estonian)
  Books (Other) jbc:3141 Džungli-raamat (Jungle Book) (Estonian)
February 16, 2006 Books (Other) jbc:3140 Džungļu grāmata (Jungle Book) (Latvian)
  Entertainment jbc:3139 Knihy džunglí 2005 (Czech)
  Miscellaneous jbc:3138 "The Law of the Jungle"
Ostrich Egg.
  Books (English) jbc:3137 The Second Jungle Book 2003 (English)
  Stickers jbc:3136 Dschungelbuch Ferrero? (German
  Books (Russian) jbc:3135 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3134 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
  Audio jbc:3133 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
  Disney Books jbc:3132 The Jungle Book
Mowgli See
Mowgli Do
  Figurine jbc:3131 Maugli & Shere Khan Erevan Porcelain Factory 1940-50's (Russian)
February 15, 2006 Books (French) jbc:3130 Le livre de la jungle Nathan 1998 (French)
  Books (French) jbc:3129 Kipling
Le Livre de la jungle
LGF - Livre de Poche 1988 (French)
  ViewMaster jbc:3127 Jungle Boek Playskool (Dutch
February 14, 2006 Art Disney JB jbc:3126 Bagheera & Mowgli 1966?
  Statues jbc:3125 Rudyard Kipling & Bagheera
  Statues jbc:3124 Bagheera 1986
February 13, 2006 Entertainment jbc:3123 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) 2002? (Japanese)
  Entertainment jbc:3122 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) 1987? (Japanese)
  Comic Strips jbc:3121 ジャングルブック (The Jungle Book) (Japanese)
  Toys jbc:3120 Akela Nestle 1967
  Toys jbc:3119 King Louie Nestle 1967
  Toys jbc:3118 Bagheera Nestle 1967
February 11, 2006 Books (German) jbc:3116 Die Dschungelbücher Paul List Verlag München 1961 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:3115 Die Dschungelbücher Bertelsmann Lesering 1957 (German)
February 6, 2006 Video jbc:3114 Mowgli 1973 (Estonian)
  Miscellaneous jbc:3113 Adventure Ride Fa de Poorter 2001
February 5, 2006 Books (French) jbc:3112 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)
  Books (Russian) jbc:3111 The Jungle Book
Маугли (Maugli)
  Statues jbc:3110 Cobra of "The King's Ankus" (Russian)
February 3, 2006 Books (German) jbc:3109 Die Dschungelbücher Bertelsmann - Lizenzausgabe 1980 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:3108 Die Dschungelbücher Paul List Verlag München 1953 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:3107 Das Dschungelbuch Cecilie Dressler Verlag Berlin 1953 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:3104 Das Dschungel buch List Verlag München 1969 (German)
  Lobby cards jbc:3103 Qu'est-ce qu'une orchidée? (French)
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:3100 Das Dschungel Buch (German)
  Books (Japanese) jbc:3098 Jungle Book (Japanese)
  Books (Greek) jbc:3096 Μόγλης (Mowgli) Ankara 1996 (Greek)
  Books (English) jbc:3095 The Two Jungle Books Garden City, New York. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc. 1930 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:3094 All The Mowgli Stories 1936 (English)
February 2, 2006 Books (German) jbc:3093 Das Dschungelbuch Arena 2005 (German)
  Books (English) jbc:3092 Mowgli's Brothers 1985 (MCMLXXXV) (English)
  Money-box jbc:3091 Shere Khan / Mowgli Walt Disney Productions 1960's
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:3089 Jungle Book Classic Movies 2003 (1942) (English
  Audio jbc:3088 Trust in Me
Bare Necessities
Disneyland Doubles (English)
  Murals jbc:3087 Mowgli and Bagheera
  Miscellaneous jbc:3086 Le Livre de la Jungle Fina 1960's (French)
  Miscellaneous jbc:3085 Le Livre de la Jungle Fina 1960's (French)
  Audio jbc:3084 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)
  Statues jbc:3082 The Jungle Book 1999
January 31, 2006 Statues jbc:3080 Bagheera & Mowgli 1978
  Magazines jbc:3079 Sorrisi e canzoni tv
Mowgli e il tesoro reale
1993 (Italian)
January 30, 2006 Video jbc:3078 ספר הג'ונגל (Jungle Book) (Hebrew)
  Books (English) jbc:3077 Jungle Book 2003 (English)
  Audio (Misc.) jbc:3076 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Art jbc:3075 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
January 28, 2006 Packing jbc:3073 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Packing jbc:3072 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Packing jbc:3071 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Packing jbc:3070 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Packing jbc:3069 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Packing jbc:3068 Маугли (Maugli) (Ukrainian)
  Statues jbc:3067 Mowgli and Bagheera
  Art jbc:3066 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
  Packing jbc:3065 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
  Draw / Paint jbc:3064 Mowgli & Baloo & Junior Disney
  Audio jbc:3063 The Jungle Book
The Bare Necessities
January 27, 2006 Packing jbc:3061 Jungle Book Characters Nestle 1970
  Disney Books jbc:3060 Das Dschungelbuch Delphin Verlag (German)
  Sleepwear jbc:3059 Jungle Book Disney
  Clothes jbc:3058 Le Livre de la Jungle
Une belle histoire
  Figurine jbc:3057 The Jungle Book Rombauts 1960's
  Costumes jbc:3056 Jungle Book Masks Nestle 1960's
  Lobby cards jbc:3055 The Jungle Book 1967
  Lobby cards jbc:3054 The Jungle Book 1967
  Entertainment jbc:3053 The adventures of Mowgli Academy of Indian Dance 1984 (English)
January 24, 2006 Figurine jbc:3050 Kaa Ashtead Potters
  Books (Spanish) jbc:3049 Los Perros Rojos: El Ankus del Rey Vicens Vives 2004 (Spanish)
  Figurine jbc:3048 Akela Ashtead Potters
  Figurine jbc:3047 Mowgli Ashtead Potters
January 16, 2006 Books (Dutch) jbc:3045 Het Jungle boek (Dutch)
  Links jbc:3044 Disney Characters Word Search
  Miscellaneous jbc:3043 The Jungle Book Hartmann
  Links jbc:3042 Raised By Wolves Cartoons (English)
  Entertainment jbc:3041 Mowgli L'enfant-loup 1992 (French)
  Mowgli lookalikes jbc:3040 Den tvehövdade ulven (Swedish)
  Mowgli lookalikes jbc:3039 Little Wolf Boy
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:3038 Ormanın Kitabı 2 (Turkish)
January 13, 2006 Audio Cassette jbc:3037 Djungelboken Enskede : Iris 1999 (Swedish)
  Books (Other) jbc:3036 Djungelboken 2003 (Swedish)


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