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February 9, 2003 Shirts jbc:1801 Junior & Mowgli (German)
  Books (English) jbc:1800 Tauchnitz Edition
The Second Jungle Book
1897 (English)
February 4, 2003 Books (German) jbc:1799 Dschungelbuch
Mogli schafft es doch...
  Audio jbc:1798 Das Dschungelbuch Disney (German)
  Bedding jbc:1797 Dschungelbuch
  Bedding jbc:1796 Dschungelbuch (German)
  van Gool Books jbc:1795 Dschungelbuch (German)
  Links jbc:1794 Premier Animation
February 2, 2003 Audio (Misc.) jbc:1793 Disney Radio Player
The Jungle Book "I Wanna Be Like You"
Tiger Electronics 2002?
January 26, 2003 DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1792 Das Dschungelbuch 2002? (German)
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1790 Disneyland #60 1973 (English)
  Disney Books jbc:1789 Mowgli's Noisy Jungle
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:1788 Rudyard Kipling's
Jungle Book
and Sabaka
Quality Video 1995 (English)
January 24, 2003 Links jbc:1787 Ken, the Wolf Boy 1963 (Japanese)
  Cross Stich jbc:1786 Bebe Ponto Cruz
Disney Special # 25
January 18, 2003 Removed jbc:1785 Jungle book images
  Art Disney JB jbc:1784 Mowgli in the grips of Kaa Walt Disney Studios 1993
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1783 The Jungle Book Waddingtons
  Shirts jbc:1781 The Jungle Book Disney
  Shirts jbc:1780 The Jungle Book Disney
  CD jbc:1776 Thief of Bagdad
The Jungle Book
Colosseum Records
  Miscellaneous jbc:1775 Shere Khan Event 1998 (february)
January 14, 2003 Links jbc:1774 The Jungle Book 2 Disney 2003 (English)
January 12, 2003 Disney Books jbc:1771 A Volta de Mogli (Portuguese)
  Books (English) jbc:1770 The Jungle Book (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1769 The Jungle Book Dover Publications, Inc. 2000 (English)
January 11, 2003 Audio Cassette jbc:1768 Tales From The Jungle Book
  Art Disney JB jbc:1767 King Louie Disney 1967
  Plush Dolls jbc:1766 Bagheera & King Louie
December 14, 2002 Art Disney JB jbc:1763 Concept drawing
  Pins jbc:1762 Mowgli 2002
  Ties jbc:1761 Disney
  Cross Stich jbc:1760 Baloo
December 7, 2002 Disney Books jbc:1759 Press Book? (English)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1758 Jungle Book
November 30, 2002 Lenticular (3D) jbc:1757 Shere Khan WC Jones Publishing Company - Walt Disney production 1966 (MCMLXVI)
  Miscellaneous jbc:1756 The Jungle Book iron on t-shirt transfers !
November 28, 2002 Books (Dutch) jbc:1753 Door wolven opgevoed De Geïllustreerde pers n.v. - Amsterdam 1965 (MCMLXV) (Dutch)
  Toys jbc:1752 Baby Elephant
  Note Paper jbc:1751 The Jungle Book
  Pins jbc:1750 Disney on Ice
  Pins jbc:1749
  Pins jbc:1748 The Disney Store
Countdown 2000 Badge
November 27, 2002 Note Paper jbc:1746 Walt Disne's
The Jungle Book
  Art Disney JB jbc:1745 Mowgli and Bagheera
  Miscellaneous jbc:1744 Baloo
Dont fiddle around
1960s (English)
November 22, 2002 Links jbc:1743 wild at heart (English)
November 14, 2002 Comic Strips jbc:1742 Walt Disney Presents
and Little Britches (Mowgli)
Gold Key 1968
  Figurine jbc:1741 King Louie, Mowgli and Shere Khan
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1740 Jungle Book Parker Brothers Co. Canada
November 11, 2002 Pins jbc:1739 Stamp Issue
November 7, 2002 Removed jbc:1738 Jungle Book (English)
  Removed jbc:1737 Kipling Ketrin Mowgli and Me (English)
  Links jbc:1736 Adventures of Mowgli
  Table ware jbc:1734 The Jungle Book
Sipper jr.
1997~ (English)
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:1733 The Jungle Book 2 2002 (English)
October 31, 2002 Art Disney JB jbc:1732 Mowgli 1966~
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1731 Disneyland #51 1973 (English)
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1730 Disneyland #63 1973 (English)
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1729 Disneyland #53 1973 (English)
  Computer Games jbc:1728 Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
Rhythm n' Groove
  Audio jbc:1727 Picture disc (Japan) 1968 (Japanese)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1726 Bagheera Disney 1967
  Toys (McDonald's) jbc:1724 King Louie 2002
  Toys (McDonald's) jbc:1723 Baloo 2002
October 28, 2002 Disney Books jbc:1721 The Jungle Book
Jungle Moves
2001 (October 23) (English)
  Books (German) jbc:1720 R. Kipling
Im Dschungel
Friedrich Ernft Fehienfeld 1904 (German)
October 26, 2002 Disney Books jbc:1719 Viidakkokirja
Mowgli löytää aarteen
Helsinki Media 1999 (Finnish)
  Art jbc:1718 Viidakkokirja (Finnish)
  Video jbc:1717 Viidakkokirja
Mukana Mowgli ja Baloo
  Disney Video 1967 jbc:1716 Dollhouse Miniature Jungle Book Video (English)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1715 The Jungle Book
Panorama Puzzle
  Audio jbc:1714 The Jungle Books
The Story of Mowgli
Golden Records (Wonderland Records?)
  Photographs jbc:1713 Jamie Williams
  Posters jbc:1712 SABU
Livre de la Jungle
  Pins jbc:1711 Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Junior, King Louie, Shere Khan & Kaa Coca Cola
  Miscellaneous jbc:1710 Baloo Bell
  Books (French) jbc:1709 Le Livre de la Jungle
Le Second Livre de la Jungle
Librairie Delagrave (Paris) 1930 / 1925 (French)
October 25, 2002 Posters jbc:1708 Le Livre de la Jungle
1942 (French)
  Toys (McDonald's) jbc:1707 Mowgli 2002
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1706 Disneyland #2 (English)
October 20, 2002 Links jbc:1705 Fantasies Come True
Walt Disney Collectables
  Audio Cassette jbc:1704 Jungle Book (japan)
Family Kamishibai
  Postcards jbc:1703 Le livre de la Jungle (French)
October 12, 2002 Links jbc:1702 The Jungle Book II
October 8, 2002 Video jbc:1701 El Libro de la Selva (Spanish)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1700 Mowgli & Shere Khan Disney
  Art Disney JB jbc:1699 Baloo Disney 1967
  Entertainment jbc:1697 Journey into Jungle Book
October 7, 2002 Mugs jbc:1696 Journey into Jungle Book (English)
October 4, 2002 Books (Italian) jbc:1695 Il Libro della Giungla (Italian)
October 2, 2002 Entertainment jbc:1694 Opus One
Jungle Book
2004 (1996) (Dutch)
  Nesting Dolls jbc:1693 The Jungle Book (Ukrainian)
  Audio jbc:1692 Read and Hear
The Jungle Book
  Cards jbc:1690 Sunicrust Disney Cards Sunicrust 1970's (English)
  Magazines Disneyland jbc:1689 Disneyland #20 (English)
  Links jbc:1688 "Shere Khan & Kaa's Coils" (English)
  Links jbc:1687 School of the Open
Summer Camp for Boys 7-15
  Audio jbc:1686 Mowgli Stories BBC (English)
September 30, 2002 Draw / Paint jbc:1685 Walt Disney
Das Dschungelbuch
Simba 2002? (German)


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