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June 10, 2002 Video jbc:1563 I Wan'na Be Like You Walt Disney (English)
June 8, 2002 Figurine jbc:1562 Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions 1966 (MCMLXVI) (English)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1561 The Jungle Book Walt Disney Studios 1966 (English)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1560 King Louie Walt Disney Studios
  Art Disney JB jbc:1559 Shere Khan Walt Disney Studios
  Art Disney JB jbc:1558 Bagheera Walt Disney Studios
  Art Disney JB jbc:1557 Kaa Walt Disney Studios
  Art Disney JB jbc:1556 Baloo Walt Disney Studios
  Miscellaneous jbc:1555 Happy Thanksgiving (English)
  Pins jbc:1554 King Louie
  Pins jbc:1553 Bagheera
  Pins jbc:1552 Mowgli
June 4, 2002 Books (English) jbc:1549 Stories to Remember 1956 (English)
  Stickers jbc:1548 Swedish Disney Jungle Book stickers 1970's (Swedish)
June 2, 2002 Magazines jbc:1547 Marvel Fanfare
#9 1983
1983 (English)
  Miscellaneous jbc:1546 Camp Louveteau
1924 - 1954
Soit-Pret Mowgli
1954 (French)
May 30, 2002 Books (English) jbc:1544 Boys and Girls of Bookland David McKay Company of Philadelphia 1923 (English)
  Jewelry jbc:1543 Baloo Disney 1994
May 18, 2002 Posters jbc:1542 Jungle Boek Slam (Dutch)
  Posters jbc:1541 Le Livre de la Jungle
le film
  Audio jbc:1540 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)
  Jewelry jbc:1539 The Jungle Book
  Jewelry jbc:1538 The Jungle Book
  Plush Dolls jbc:1537 Dschungelbuch Mogli (German)
  Party jbc:1536 Party hats
  Clothes jbc:1535 Chouchou Disney -Le Livre de la Jungle
  Books (Dutch) jbc:1534 Schimmenspel Uitgeverij St. Joris, Den Haag 1960~ (Dutch)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1533 Das Dschungelbuch (German)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1532 Kaa wincing in pain as he slithers away. 1967
  Art Disney JB jbc:1530 Mowgli fears Baloo has died. Walt Disney studios 1967
May 15, 2002 Cards jbc:1529 The Wonderful World of Disney
  Plates jbc:1528 The Jungle Book 1984
  Art Disney JB jbc:1527 Mowgli 1967
  Mugs jbc:1526 Mowgli + Baloo
  Table ware jbc:1525 Placemat
Mowgli + Baloo
  Audio jbc:1524 Jungle Books
Told by Boris Karloff
  Audio jbc:1522 Miklós Rózsa
Das Dschungelbuch
Der Dieb von Bagdad
  Disney Books jbc:1521 Disney 's
Year Book
2001 (English)
May 10, 2002 Toys jbc:1519 Baloo
May 5, 2002 Comic Strips jbc:1518 Sur la Piste de Mowgli Dupuis 1978 (French)
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:1517 Russian Lacquer Box
Bagheera, Mowgli and Baloo
  Table ware jbc:1516 das Dschungelbuch Walt Disney (German)
  Miscellaneous jbc:1515 Mowgli and Junior Mirror 1976
  Lobby cards jbc:1514 Phil Harris, Baloo
  Lobby cards jbc:1513 The Jungle Book
  Lobby cards jbc:1512 Mowgli and Vultures
May 4, 2002 Mugs jbc:1511 Jungle Book Disney
  Pins jbc:1510 Baloo and King Louie 1999
  Socks jbc:1509 Das Dschungelbuch
Disney 2002? (German)
  Socks jbc:1508 Das Dschungelbuch
Disney 2002? (German)
April 26, 2002 Figurine jbc:1507 For you Baloo Grolier 1995 (English)
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:1506 The Jungle Book
  Clocks and Watches jbc:1505 The Jungle Book
Digital Watch
  Clocks and Watches jbc:1504 The Jungle Book
Digital Watch
  Clocks and Watches jbc:1503 The Jungle Book
Digital Watch
April 16, 2002 Glass jbc:1502 101 Dalmatians, Mowgli and Pinocchio
  Miscellaneous jbc:1501 The Bare Necessities 1967, October
  Lobby cards jbc:1500 Walt Disney
le Livre de la Jungle
1968 (French)
  Lobby cards jbc:1499 Walt Disney
le Livre de la Jungle
1968 (French)
  Lobby cards jbc:1498 Walt Disney
le Livre de la Jungle
1968 (French)
  Lobby cards jbc:1497 Walt Disney
le Livre de la Jungle
1968 (French)
  Lobby cards jbc:1496 Walt Disney
le Livre de la Jungle
1968 (French)
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:1495 Jungle Book (English)
April 15, 2002 Disney Books jbc:1494 Walt Disney
Scopri con Mowgli
Gli Animali della Giungla
Libra 1999 (Italian)
April 11, 2002 Toys jbc:1493 King Louie
Bandai Japan 1960s (Japanese)
April 8, 2002 Art Disney JB jbc:1492 Baloo 1967
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:1490 The Jungle Book
Sega Genesis and Game Gear
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:1489 Jungle Book Embassy 1984 (English)
  Toys jbc:1487 Baloo in plane McDonalds 1990
  Removed jbc:1486 Baloo
  Removed jbc:1485
  Books (Dutch) jbc:1484 Het Jungle Boek Facet Antwerpen - Dronten 1995 (april) (Dutch)
April 1, 2002 Magazines jbc:1483 Classics Illustrated (Greek)
The Jungle Book
1970's (Greek)
March 30, 2002 Plush Dolls jbc:1482 Col. Hathi Simba Toys Austria 2001?
March 16, 2002 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1481 The Jungle Book Ravensburger
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1480 The Jungle Book Ravensburger
  Miscellaneous jbc:1479 You Better Believe It!
the Jungle Book
is Wild with merchandising potential
1967 (English)
  Art Disney JB jbc:1478 Mowgli & Baloo Disney 1967
  Murals jbc:1475 Wall painting (Dutch)
  Removed jbc:1473
  Disney Books jbc:1472 De Jungle Club De Geïlustreerde Pers b.v. 1998 (Dutch)
  Disney Books jbc:1471 Mowgli en de apenstreken VNU Tijdschriften B.V. Hoofddorp 2000 (Dutch)
  Plush Dolls jbc:1470 Baloo
  Audio jbc:1469 Miklos Rozsa
Jungle Book
Thief of Baghdad
1975 (English)
  Figurine jbc:1468 Shere Khan Royal Doulton 2000?
  Figurine jbc:1467 Floating Along Royal Doulton 2001?
  Figurine jbc:1466 King Louie Royal Doulton 2001?
  Mugs jbc:1464 The Jungle Book
  MousePads jbc:1462 The Jungle Book (English)
  Shirts jbc:1461 The Jungle Book Disney Wear (English)
  Packing jbc:1460 Baked Beans 1984 (English)
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:1458 Jungle Book (English)
  Glass jbc:1457 le Livre de la Jungle (French)
  Plush Dolls jbc:1456 Baloo and Mowgli
  Books (Italian) jbc:1455 Le storie di Mowgli Nuova Fiordaliso (Italian)
March 11, 2002 Games jbc:1452 Disney Classics (French)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1451 Księga Dżungli (Jungle Book) (Polish)
  Pins jbc:1449 Le Livre de la Jungle
  Pins jbc:1448 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)
  Pins jbc:1447 Le Livre de la Jungle (French)


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