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December 26, 2001 Stamps jbc:1335 Jungle Book
Walt Disney
Rep San Marino
  Packing jbc:1334 The Jungle Book Mowgli
  Cross Stich jbc:1333 Jungle Book
  Figurine jbc:1332 baby elephant
  Clothes jbc:1331 Disney Junglebook Sweater
  Shirts jbc:1330 The Jungle Book
India / USA
December 20, 2001 Disney Books jbc:1329 Walt Disney's
El Libro de la Selva
Panini 1994 (Spanish)
  Nippon Video jbc:1328 The Jungle Book
Sorry, Baloo!
  Table ware jbc:1326 The Jungle Book (English)
December 18, 2001 Audio jbc:1325 Songs from Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
  Disney Books jbc:1324 Walt Disneys
The Jungle Book
Mickey's Christmas Carol
  Art Disney JB jbc:1323 Mowgli
  Packing jbc:1322 The Jungle Book
  Disney Video 1967 jbc:1321 The Jungle Book
I Wan'na Be Like You
Disney (English)
  Games jbc:1320 Monopoly
The Disney Edition
2001? (English)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1319 The Jungle Book Playskool
December 15, 2001 Toys (Kinder) jbc:1316 Jungle Book Kinder
  Toys (Kinder) jbc:1315 Jungle Book Kinder 1990
  Books (English) jbc:1314 Jungle book stories
Rudyard Kipling
  Books (Polish) jbc:1312 Księga dżungli (Jungle Book) 1999 (Polish)
  Removed jbc:1311 Disney On Ice (English)
  Removed jbc:1310 Image Theatre Company Presents
The Jungle Book
  Posters jbc:1309 The Jungle Book
  Computer Games jbc:1308 The Jungle Book Rhythm 'n Groove Ubisoft 2000
  Clocks and Watches jbc:1307 Mowgli and Baloo
  Figurine jbc:1306 Jungle Book watch
December 14, 2001 Mugs jbc:1305 The Jungle Book 2001
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1304 The Second Jungle Book
Mowgli and Baloo
1997 (English)
  Pins jbc:1303 Jungle Book Slider 2001
December 13, 2001 CD jbc:1302 The Second Jungle Book - Soundtrack JOS 1997 (English)
December 12, 2001 Video jbc:1301 Mowgli's eerste avontuur 2001 (Dutch)
  Video jbc:1300 Jungle Book Pickwick (English)
  Stamps jbc:1299 Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
Animated Film Characters in Postage Stamps
  Bedding jbc:1298 Jungle Book
December 11, 2001 Computer Games jbc:1297 Walt Disney's
Jungle Boek
Groove Party
Ubi Soft 2000 (Dutch)
December 6, 2001 Video jbc:1296 Disney Jungle Boek's
Jungle Club 2
Disney / Buena Vista Home Entertainment B.V. 1997 (Dutch)
  Audio jbc:1295 Disney's Jungle Collectie
Drie verhalen in één Box
Edel Records / Walt Disney Records 2000 (Dutch)
December 1, 2001 Magazines jbc:1294 Mc Clure's Magazine 1895 (English)
  Disney Books jbc:1293 You Can Count On Walt Disney's Coolest Classic To Make Your Year 1991 (English)
  Postcards jbc:1292 The Jungle Book
Screening Invitation
1994 (English)
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:1291 Dschungelbuch Walt Disney (German)
  Audio Cassette jbc:1290 Dschungelbuch IV
5 Balu tappt in die Falle
  Bedding jbc:1289 Bettwäsche Dschungelbuch (German)
  Disney Books jbc:1288 Mogli und das verschwundene Elefantenkind (German)
  Books (German) jbc:1287 Dschungelbuch
Mogli findet Freunde
  Disney Books jbc:1286 Mogli findet einen Schatz (German)
  Disney Books jbc:1285 Mogli und die Schlange Kaa (German)
  Disney Books jbc:1284 Moglis Abenteuer im Dschungel (German)
  Plush Dolls jbc:1282 King Louie and Mowgli
November 30, 2001 Removed jbc:1280 Bragi
  Links jbc:1279 Yahoo clubs
Akela's place
November 23, 2001 Games jbc:1278 Das Dschungelbuch (German)
  Toys (Kinder) jbc:1276 Dschungelbuch Kinder (German)
  Comic Strips jbc:1274 De Beverpatroelje 4
Op Mowgli 's voetspoor
J. Dupuis, Zonen en Co. 1974 (first edition 1959) (Dutch)
November 19, 2001 Audio jbc:1273 Walt Disneys
1967 (German)
  Games jbc:1272 Dschungelbuch (German)
  Packing jbc:1271 Froot Loops Kellogg's 1988
  Books (English) jbc:1270 The Jungle Book Kipling Doubleday, Doran & Company Inc. 1930 (English)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1269 Jungle Book Ocean View International 1942 (English)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1268 The Jungle Book (English)
  Nippon Video jbc:1267 The Jungle Book
A Thief in the Village
November 17, 2001 Posters Disney '67 jbc:1266 Mowgli and Junior Sunshine Holland bv
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:1265 Mowgli and Junior Sunshine Holland bv
  Books (English) jbc:1263 The Jungle Books
by Rudyard Kipling
1955 (English)
  van Gool Books jbc:1262 Jungleboek Boek Specials Nederland bv (Dutch)
  Stickers jbc:1261 Waterslide transfers Home Decor
  Plates jbc:1260 Baloo and She Wolf Royal Doulton 1993
  CD jbc:1259 The Jungle Book Wonderland Music Co., Inc
Walt Disney Records 2001 (English)
November 15, 2001 Disney Books jbc:1258 Walt Disney
The Jungle Book
  Posters jbc:1257 The Jungle Book (English)
November 14, 2001 Box / Tin / Case jbc:1256 Jungle Book Biscuit tin
Featuring Mogli and dancing vultures.
Huntley & Palmers
  Miscellaneous jbc:1254 Jungle Book Pogs on Card
  Art Disney JB jbc:1253 Mowgli
November 8, 2001 Books (English) jbc:1251 All the Mowgli Stories Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1985 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1250 The Second Jungle Book Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1984 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1249 The Jungle Book Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1984 (English)
November 7, 2001 Books (English) jbc:1248 All the Mowgli Stories Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1984 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1247 The Second Jungle Book Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1983 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1246 The Jungle Book Macmillan Children's Books, London and Basingstoke 1983 (English)
November 6, 2001 Audio (Misc.) jbc:1245 The Jungle Book Western Publishing Company, inc 1993 (English)
  Audio Cassette jbc:1244 Het Jungle Boek 1992? (Dutch)
  Postcards jbc:1243 Baloo, Colonel Hathi and King Louie 1971~
  Disney Books jbc:1242 Walt Disney Presents
The Jungle Book
A Golden Merry Go Round Book
Golden Press 1968 (English)
November 4, 2001 Books (English) jbc:1239 The Jungle Book Easton Press of Norwalk, Connecticut (English)
  Photographs jbc:1238 Snake warns Mowgli he must not tell townspeople of their discovery.
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:1236 Mogli
O Menino Lobo
2000 (july 14) (Portuguese)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1235 Mowgli and King Louie Meet in Apesville Jaymar
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1234 Mowgli Meets a New Charmer
  Patch jbc:1233 Cub Scout Jungle Book Character patches Aust.
November 3, 2001 Phone cards jbc:1231
  Toys jbc:1230 Mowgli Kodak
  Video jbc:1229 Jungle Book GoodTimes (English)
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:1228 Disney
Thick Chunky Wood
  Statues jbc:1227 Boy and Panther
October 28, 2001 Figurine jbc:1226 Mowgli and Shere Khan 1895~
  Disney Books jbc:1224 The Runaway Wolf Cub 1980, 4th print (English)
October 20, 2001 Books (English) jbc:1223 The Jungle Book (English)
  Books (English) jbc:1222 Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Books
1966 (2nd printing) (English)
  Video jbc:1221 Druhá Kniha Dzunglí
Maugli a Balû
1997 (Czech)
  Books (English) jbc:1220 Enchanted Tales
The Jungle Book


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