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April 29, 2011 Disney Books jbc:5350 Viidakkokirja (Finnish)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5349 Il Libro della Giungla (3)
Il figlio di Alexander
de Agostini Junior 1991 (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5348 Il libro della giungla DeAgostini (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5347 Il libro della giungla Piemme 2011 (Italian)
  Tattoo jbc:5344 Bagheera 2011
April 28, 2011 Miscellaneous jbc:5343 Childrens plasters Salvequick 2009?
April 26, 2011 Figurine jbc:5341 Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo
  Bas-relief jbc:5340 Jungle Book relief
  Statues jbc:5339 The Jungle Book
April 24, 2011 Clothes jbc:5337 Mowgli & Baloo Electropura 2011
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:5336 Мауглi (Maugli) (Russian)
April 23, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5335 जंगल बुक (Jungle Book) (Marathi)
  Books (English) jbc:5334 Animated Yarns of the Jungle Book (English)
April 20, 2011 Art jbc:5333 Bagheera
  Art Disney JB jbc:5331 The Jungle Book 2011
April 19, 2011 Furniture jbc:5330 Jungle Book
April 18, 2011 Statues jbc:5329 Mowgli and Kaa 2008
  Statues jbc:5328 Mowgli and Bagheera
  Statues jbc:5327 The Jungle Book
  Statues jbc:5326 The Jungle Book 2010
  Art jbc:5325 King Louie 2009?
  Patch jbc:5324 Baloo
April 17, 2011 Statues jbc:5323 Mowgli
  Books (Russian) jbc:5322 Маугли (Maugli) 2010 (Russian)
April 16, 2011 Stamps jbc:5319 Pekin 2008 2007 (French)
  Postcards jbc:5318 Maugli
April 10, 2011 Books (Turkish) jbc:5317 Orman Çocuğu (Turkish)
  Books (Other) jbc:5316 Mauglis 1996 (Lithuanian)
April 9, 2011 Pins jbc:5315 Baloo and King Louie Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort 2010
  Pins jbc:5314 Mowgli and Kaa Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort 2010
  Pins jbc:5313 Mowgli and Bagheera Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort 2010
  Tattoo jbc:5311 Baloo
  Tattoo jbc:5309 King Louie
April 4, 2011 Tattoo jbc:5307 Shere Khan & Kaa 2011
  Books (English) jbc:5306 Mowgli
The Jungle Book
La Spiga (English)
  Books (Other) jbc:5304 người sói Mowgli (Wolf boy Mowgli) Literature Publishing House 2010 (Vietnamese)
  Disney Video 1967 jbc:5303 I Wan'na Be Like You Britishrecords
April 3, 2011 Art jbc:5302 Mowgli 2011
April 2, 2011 Books (Hungarian) jbc:5301 A Dzsungel könyve Ifjsági Könyvkiadó (Youth Publishing House) 1951 (Hungarian)
March 29, 2011 Books (English) jbc:5298 The Jungle Book Mind Melodies (English)
  Computer Games jbc:5297 The Jungle Book Virgin Interactive Entertainment 1994
March 28, 2011 Magazines Disneyland jbc:5295 Revista Disneylândia #9 1971 (Portuguese)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:5294 Mogly O menino Lobo Rexmore (Portuguese)
  Miscellaneous jbc:5293 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2007 (Korean)
  Draw / Paint jbc:5292 The Jungle Book II
Born to be Wild!
Golden/Disney 2003 (English)
March 27, 2011 Books (Russian) jbc:5291 Маугли (Maugli) 1992 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5290 Маугли (Maugli) ACT , Astrel 2010 (Russian)
  Disney Books jbc:5289 Peliculas
Walt Disney
1968 (Spanish)
March 22, 2011 Audio jbc:5288 Le livre de la jungle
1: Les freres de Mowgli
Select (Canada) (French)
March 20, 2011 DVD / VCD / LD jbc:5287 Il Libro della Jungla Bimbotime (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5286 Il Libro della Giungla (5)
Il nuovo amico
DeAgostini (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5285 Il Libro della Giungla (6)
L'amico della giungla
DeAgostini 1991 (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5283 Il Secondo Libro della Giungla Sozogno, Milan 1925 (Italian)
  Miscellaneous jbc:5282 Inflatable Vulture
  Miscellaneous jbc:5281 Inflatable Ape
  Miscellaneous jbc:5280 Inflatable Bagheera
  Miscellaneous jbc:5279 Inflatable King Louis
  Miscellaneous jbc:5278 Inflatable Shere Khan
  Miscellaneous jbc:5277 Inflatable Baloo
  Miscellaneous jbc:5276 Inflatable Shanti
  Miscellaneous jbc:5275 Inflatable Kaa
  Miscellaneous jbc:5274 Inflatable Hathi
  Miscellaneous jbc:5273 Inflatable Mowgli
  Magazines jbc:5272 Il Libro della Giungla
Collana "Argento" N.18
1973 (Italian)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:5270 Il libro della giungla vol.10
gli episodi
  Books (Italian) jbc:5269 Il Libro della Giungla Edigamma 1997 (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5268 Il Libro della Giungla Juvenilia 1996 (Italian)
  Books (German) jbc:5267 Das Dschungelbuch Weichert (German)
  Video jbc:5266 Das Dschungel Buch United Video (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5264 Das Dschungelbuch Hoffmannschen Buchdruckerei Felix Krais Stuttgart 1929 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5259 Dschungelbuch Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1934 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5258 Dschungelbuch University printing press Aug. John Koch (Dr. C. Hitzeroth) Marburg-Lahn 1931 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5256 Das Dschungel Buch
Band 2
Haffmans Zurich 1987 (German)
  Miscellaneous jbc:5255 Jungle Book
Crown Collection - 2
Gold Spot
March 19, 2011 Art jbc:5254 Hathi takes Mowgli to Kaa 2005
  Books (English) jbc:5253 The Jungle Book
Comprehension Guide
Veritas Press 2007 (English)
  Pins jbc:5252 The Jungle Book
  Books (English) jbc:5251 Stories From The Jungle Book Sterling Publishers (English)
  Books (English) jbc:5250 Stories From The Jungle Book New Dawn Press (English)
March 18, 2011 Video jbc:5249 Jungle Book
  Books (Dutch) jbc:5248 Het Jungle-boek Ideaal Bibliotheek (Dutch)
  Video jbc:5247 Het Jungle Boek (Dutch)
March 16, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5245 Mowgli la granhòta 2003 (Occitan)
March 15, 2011 Patch jbc:5244 Embroidered Fun Badges
March 14, 2011 Postcards jbc:5243 Jungle Book Cards Walt Disney
March 13, 2011 Food jbc:5242 Jungle Book Characters Nestle 1966 (English)
  Toys jbc:5241 Jungle Book
Turn-About Blocks
Kohner (English)
  Disney Books jbc:5240 The Jungle Book
A Friend for Life
Advance Publishers LLC 1997 (English)
  Murals jbc:5239 The Jungle Book 2009?
  Food jbc:5238 Jungle Book
Animal Crackers
Walgreen Co. 2010 (English)
March 12, 2011 Magazines jbc:5237 Xabiroi
  Tattoo jbc:5236 Baloo
  Tattoo jbc:5235 Jungle Book
  Tattoo jbc:5234 Jungle Book 2008
  Books (Other) jbc:5233 Oihaneko liburua Ttarttalo 1998 (Basque)
  Books (Other) jbc:5232 Džiunglės (Lithuanian)
  van Gool Books jbc:5231 Die Oerwoudboek Fantasi (Afrikaans)
  Books (Other) jbc:5229 Džiunglės Vyturys 1988 (Lithuanian)
  Books (Other) jbc:5228 Oihaneko liburua (Basque)
  Books (Other) jbc:5227 Oihaneko Liburua Ttarttalo 2008 (Basque)


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