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September 19, 2000 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:361 The Jungle Book
  Glass jbc:359 le Livre de la Jungle 1980 (French)
September 14, 2000 Magazines jbc:358 The Jungle Book W.G Publications 1968 (English)
  Figurine jbc:356 le Livre de la Jungle
September 12, 2000 Books (English) jbc:354 The Jungle Book Piccolo 1975 (English)
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:353 Jungle Book Video Treasures 1942 (English)
  Comic Strips jbc:352 Walt Disney Classic
The Jungle Book
Walt Disney 1990 (English)
  Audio jbc:351 The Jungle Book 1972 (English)
  Audio jbc:350 The Bare Necessities
My Own Home
  Pins jbc:349 Baloo
September 10, 2000 Note Paper jbc:348 Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
  Toys jbc:347 Disney Mini Collection
Jungle Book Playset
Disney's Polly Pocket
  Books (English) jbc:346 The Jungle Book
by Rudyard Kipling
The Century Company, New York 1909 (English)
  Games jbc:345 Jungle Book
  Audio jbc:344 Jungle Book
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:343 Jungle Book GoodTimes home video Corp. (English)
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:342 Jungle Book
1942 (English)
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:341 Jungle Book-Sabu (English)
  Pins jbc:340 The Jungle Book Walt Disney's Home video
  ViewMaster jbc:338 Jungle Book (English)
  Disney Books jbc:337 Jungle Book Choose your own adventure Bantan Book 1986 (English)
  Disney Books jbc:336 Jungle Book Purnell (UK) 1974 (English)
  Disney Books jbc:335 Das Dschungelbuch Delphin Verlag 1969 (German)
  Plates jbc:333 The Jungle Book (1967) Kenleys LTD.
  Nippon Video jbc:332 The Jungle Book
A Cold Fang
  Books (English) jbc:331 Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Book
London - The Folio Society 1992 (English)
  Art Disney JB jbc:330 Baloo and Mowgli 1997
  Lenticular (3D) jbc:329
  Disney Video 1967 jbc:328 Walt Disneys's Masterpiece
The Jungle Book
Buena Vista 1997 (1967) (English)
  Art Disney JB jbc:327
  Cards jbc:326 Jungle Book Swap Card Nabisco Ltd.
  Nippon Video jbc:325 The Jungle Book
Mowgli Comes to the Jungle
September 9, 2000 Art Disney JB jbc:324 Mowgli and King Louie 1973
  Nippon Video jbc:323 The Jungle Book
Mowgli Comes to the Jungle-
The Adventure Continues
  Posters jbc:322 The Jungle Book (English)
  Audio jbc:321 More Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions 1969 (English)
  ViewMaster jbc:320 Jungle Book 1966
September 4, 2000 Plates jbc:319 Mowgli and the Village Girl Bradford
September 3, 2000 Magazines jbc:318 Classics Illustrated #83 (15 c)
The Jungle Book
  Clocks and Watches jbc:317 Jungle Book Clock
  Video jbc:316 Jungle Book GoodTimes (English)
  Games jbc:315 The Jungle Book
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:313 The Jungle Book Alexander Korda 1942 (English)
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:312 Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
  Games jbc:311 The Jungle Book Game
  Draw / Paint jbc:310 Jungle Book
Cartoon Kit
1970's (English)
  Books (English) jbc:309 All the Mowgli stories Doubleday, Doran and Co. Inc. 1936 (English)
  Pins jbc:308 Kaa
  Pins jbc:307 Junior and Mowgli
  Thimbles jbc:306 Baloo Lenox Disney
  Audio jbc:305 Songs From Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book
Walt Disney 1967 (English)
  Audio jbc:304 The Jungle Book
and other jungle favorites
1967 (English)
  Plates jbc:303
  CD jbc:302 The Jungle Book
  Pins jbc:301 The Jungle Book
  Cross Stich jbc:300 The Jungle Book
Mowgli and Baloo
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:298 1967 ~
September 2, 2000 Books (English) jbc:297 All the Mowgli Stories 1956 ? (English)
  Lenticular (3D) jbc:296 Infant Mowgli W.C. Jones Publishing Company 1967
  Lenticular (3D) jbc:295 Mowgli and Baloo W.C. Jones Publishing Company 1967
  Figurine jbc:294 Mowgli Grolier Collectibles 1996
September 1, 2000 Stamps jbc:293 The Jungle Book Postal Commemorative Society
  Figurine jbc:292 The Jungle Book
  Books (English) jbc:291 The Jungle Book
Just So Stories
1987 (English)
  Pins jbc:290 The Girl
  Mugs jbc:289 The Jungle Book
August 28, 2000 Pins jbc:288 Mowgli
August 20, 2000 Clocks and Watches jbc:286 The Jungle Book
  Shirts jbc:285 The Jungle Book 1967
  Phone cards jbc:284 Baloo Mowgli and Bagheera
  Disney Books jbc:283 The Jungle Book 1993 (English)
  Advertising jbc:282 Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions
  Disney Books jbc:281 The Jungle Book 1991 (English)
  Toys (McDonald's) jbc:280 1990
  Books (English) jbc:279 The Jungle Book
School Edition
1926 (English)
  Computer Games jbc:278 Rudyard Kipling's
The Jungle Book
  ViewMaster jbc:277 Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions 1966
  Games jbc:276 The Jungle Book
Parker Brothers Inc. 1966
  Nesting Dolls jbc:275 Jungle Book
Nesting Dolls
  Nesting Dolls jbc:274 Jungle Book
Nesting Dolls
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:273 The Jungle Book Walt Disney Productions 1965 (MCMLXV)
August 19, 2000 Phone cards jbc:272 Mowgli and Baloo
  Books (English) jbc:271 The Jungle Book
and Other Stories
Tiger Books Inter, London 1993 (English)
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:270 Jungle Book 2
Mowgli and Baloo
  Stamps jbc:269 LOVE
The Girl
and Kaa
  Books (English) jbc:268 The Wolf Children Hill and Wang 1978 (English)
  Audio jbc:267 "Mowgli's Brothers" and "Tiger! Tiger!" (English)
  Pins jbc:266 Baloo
  Draw / Paint jbc:265 Mowgli
The Jungle Book
  Toys jbc:264 Mowgli riding on top of Baloo's belly
Shere Khan lying down
  Clothes jbc:263 Sweater
  Disney Books jbc:262 Walt Disney presents
The Jungle Book
Whitman 1967 (English)
  Coins jbc:261 The Jungle Book 1997
  Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:260 Jungle Book Jaymar 1967
  Video jbc:259 Mowgli's Brothers
The Jungle Book
  Nippon Video jbc:258 The Jungle Book
More important than the Law of the Jungle
  Stickers jbc:257 Sandylion
  Computer Games jbc:256 The Jungle Book Nintendo
  ViewMaster jbc:255 Jungle Book GAF 1970
  Korda Video 1942 jbc:254 The Jungle Book
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