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March 12, 2011 Disney Books jbc:5226 Die Oerwoudboek Ladybird 2004 (Afrikaans)
  Disney Books jbc:5225 Die Oerwoud boek (Afrikaans)
March 11, 2011 Pins jbc:5224 Baloo and Mowgli Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort 2010
March 9, 2011 Books (Greek) jbc:5223 Μόγλης (Mowgli), Child of the Jungle Kalokathis (Greek)
  Disney Books jbc:5222 The Jungle Book Parragon Book Service Ltd 2009 (English)
  Magnets jbc:5221 The Jungle Book Disney Store
  DVD / VCD / LD jbc:5220 The Jungle Book (English
  Books (Other) jbc:5219 người sói Mowgli (Wolf boy Mowgli) 2008 (Vietnamese)
  Books (Other) jbc:5218 Mowgli - người sói (Mowgli Werewolf) 1987 1999 (Vietnamese)
  Books (Other) jbc:5217 Cậu Bé Rừng Xanh (Jungle Boy) 1993 (Vietnamese)
March 8, 2011 Audio jbc:5216 Estorinhas de Walt Disney
A Volta de Mogli
  Audio jbc:5215 Historinhas Disney - serie Brinque e Aprenda
  Audio jbc:5214 Historinhas Disney - com Livro e Disco
March 7, 2011 Books (Hungarian) jbc:5213 A Dzsungel Könyve (Hungarian)
  Cross Stich jbc:5212 The Jungle Book Intial DMC
March 6, 2011 Pins jbc:5211 Baloo and Mowgli Disney 2008?
  Pins jbc:5210 The Jungle Book
40th Anniversary
Disney 2007
  Pins jbc:5209 Mowgli
Disney, Willabee & Ward
  Pins jbc:5208 Jungle Book Slider Disney's Pin Celebration, Epcot 2006
  Pins jbc:5207 Mowgli and Baloo Walt Disney World 2005
March 5, 2011 Books (German) jbc:5206 Das Dschungel Buch
Band 1
Haffmans Zurich 1987 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5204 Das Dschungelbuch Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag (German)
March 2, 2011 Books (English) jbc:5203 Illustrated Classics Collection
The Jungle Book
Lmpara Books (English)
  Statues jbc:5202 Shere Khan
  Statues jbc:5201 The Jungle Book
  Bedding jbc:5200 Mowgli & Baloo Kitan
  Removed jbc:5199 ספר הג'ונגל (Jungle Book) (Hebrew)
  Books (Other) jbc:5198 Džungļu Grāmata (Jungle Book) 1982 (Latvian)
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:5197 The Jungle Book
  Books (Spanish) jbc:5196 El Libro De La Selva 1987 (Spanish)
  Disney Books jbc:5195 Le livre de la jungle Walt Disney 1979 (French)
February 27, 2011 Audio jbc:5194 The Jungle Books II Recorded Books Classics Library (English)
  Audio jbc:5193 Stories from the Jungle Books InAudio Publishers / Sci-I Media, LLC 2003 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:5192 The King's Ankus & Other Stories Rupa & Co. 2002 (English)
  Miscellaneous jbc:5191 Mowgli and Akela 2006
  Books (Portuguese) jbc:5190 El Libro De Las Tierras Vírgenes Andrés Bello (Portuguese)
  Books (Portuguese) jbc:5189 El Libro De Las Tierras Vírgenes Anteojito (Portuguese)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:5188 El Libro De Las Tierras Vírgenes Club Joven 1981 (Spanish)
  Books (Portuguese) jbc:5187 El Libro De Las Tierras Virgenes Zig-Zag (Portuguese)
  Magazines jbc:5186 Ação Games 66 (Portuguese)
  Books (Spanish) jbc:5185 El Libro De Las Tierras Virgenes 2 Alianza editorial 1977 (Spanish)
  Art jbc:5184 Mowgli
February 26, 2011 Mowgli lookalikes jbc:5183 Tom Boy Atari
  Books (Russian) jbc:5182 Книга джунглей (The Jungle Book) 2009 (Russian)
February 24, 2011 Entertainment jbc:5181 Kiplings Jungle Book Stories 1995 (English)
February 23, 2011 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:5180 The Jungle Book DQE 2009
  Books (English) jbc:5179 The Jungle Book DQE 2010 (English)
  Underwear jbc:5177 Jungle Book Diaper BearWare
  Clothes jbc:5176 Jungle Book
  Shirts jbc:5175 The Jungle Book
February 21, 2011 Mugs jbc:5174 Mowgli & Bagheera
  Mugs jbc:5173 Mowgli and Shanti
  Mugs jbc:5172 Mowgli and Junior
  Audio jbc:5171 Dschungelbuch Europa (German)
October 31, 2007 Furniture jbc:5170 Jungle Book Sofa Bed
February 21, 2011 Books (French) jbc:5169 Mowgli la granhòta Pyremonde 2010 (Occitan)
  Books (Other) jbc:5168 Jungelboka 2010 (Norwegian)
  Books (Other) jbc:5167 Junglefortællinger Spejderforlaget 2000 (Danish)
  Books (Other) jbc:5166 Jungleliv
-- håndbog for ulveledere
Spejderforlaget 1994 (Danish)
  Plush Dolls jbc:5165 I Love Baloo
  Books (Italian) jbc:5164 Il Libro della Giungla De Agostini 2009 (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5163 Il Libro della Giungla Einaudi Ragazzi 2009
  Books (Italian) jbc:5162 Il libro della giungla Mursia (Gruppo Editoriale) 2010 (Italian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5161 Il libro della giungla Joybook 2010 (Italian)
February 20, 2011 Disney Books jbc:5159 Mit Mogli im Dschungel (German)
February 19, 2011 Art Disney JB jbc:5157 Mowgli deviantART 2011
February 17, 2011 Miscellaneous jbc:5156 Jungle Book nails 2010
  Disney Books jbc:5155 The Jungle Book 2
The Big Jungle Hunt
Puffin Books 2003 (English)
  Not Related jbc:5153 The Jungle Book 1943
February 16, 2011 Books (English) jbc:5152 Stories from The Jungle Book 1903 (English)
February 14, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5151 پسر جنگل (Jungle Boy) Horizon 2009 (1388) (Persian)
February 13, 2011 Stickers jbc:5150 The Jungle Book Nestle 2010
  Bedding jbc:5149 The Jungle Book 2010
  Stickers jbc:5148 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2009
  Toys jbc:5147 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2010
  Toys jbc:5146 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2010
  Toys jbc:5145 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2010
  Balls jbc:5144 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2009
  Toys jbc:5143 The Jungle Book Burger Ranch 2010
February 6, 2011 Books (Greek) jbc:5142 Μόγλης (Mowgli), child of the Jungle Kalokathi (Greek)
January 30, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5140 Kniha džunglí Petit Press 2006 (Slovak)
January 27, 2011 Audio jbc:5139 estorinhas de Walt Disney
  Audio jbc:5138 Historinhas Disney - com Livro e Disco
A Volta De Mógli
January 26, 2011 Comic Strips jbc:5136 A Dzsungel Könyve 1975? (Hungarian)
January 25, 2011 Postcards jbc:5134 Mowgli Walt Disney Productions 1960s
  Books (Greek) jbc:5133 Μόγλης (Mowgli), Child of the Jungle (Greek)
January 23, 2011 Comic Strips jbc:5132 (Thai) World Cartoon (Thai)
  Books (Other) jbc:5131 The Jungle Book
เมาคลีลูกหมาป่า (The Jungle Book)
2010 (2553) (English
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:5129 The Jungle Book 2007 (English)
  Books (Hungarian) jbc:5128 A Dzsungel Világa Hungária 1940~ (Hungarian)
  Advertising jbc:5126 Cartea junglei Gama 2008
  Entertainment jbc:5124 Cartea Junglei 2008 - 2010 (Romanian)
  Stickers jbc:5123 Cartea Junglei Girasil (Romanian)
  Draw / Paint jbc:5121 Cartea Junglei Eduard (Romanian)
January 20, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5120 Frumskógarbókin Uppheimar 2010 (Icelandic)
January 19, 2011 Books (English) jbc:5119 The Jungle Book templar publishing 2007 (English)
January 18, 2011 Books (Other) jbc:5118 Frumskógarbókin Uppheimar 2010 (Icelandic)
January 16, 2011 Disney Books jbc:5117 JungleBook Purnell 1984 (English)
January 13, 2011 Books (Russian) jbc:5116 (Russian) Rikki-Tikki-Tavi 2010 (Russian)
  Statues jbc:5114 The Jungle Book


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