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September 10, 2000 Toys jbc:48 King Louie Walt Disney Productions, Holland Hall. 1967
  Toys jbc:47 Baloo Walt Disney Productions 1966
  Figurine jbc:46 Baloo Prelude UK LTD.
  Figurine jbc:45 Mowgli & Kaa Prelude UK LTD.
  Figurine jbc:44 King Louie Enesco 1960's
  Figurine jbc:43 Kaa the Snake Enesco 1960's
  Toys jbc:42 Junior, Mowgli Bagheera,
Baloo, Shere Khan, King Louie
Marx Toys. 1966
  Money-box jbc:41 Mowgli & Elephant Disney? 1960's
  Money-box jbc:40 Mowgli and King Louie Disney?
  Figurine jbc:39 The Jungle Book
  Figurine jbc:38 Walt Disney Classic Collection figurines 1997?
  Plush Dolls jbc:37
  Magazines Disneyland NL jbc:36 Disney land VNU Tijdschriften 2000 (Nr. 4 - april) (Dutch)
  Magazines Disneyland NL jbc:35 Disney land De Geïllustreerde Pers B.V. 1997 (Nr. 6 - juni) (Dutch)
  Magazines Disneyland NL jbc:34 Disney land De Geïllustreerde Pers B.V. 1991 (Nr. 4 - april) (Dutch)
  Food jbc:32 Jungly
10 water-ijsjes
Nestle Motta 1999 (Dutch)
  Packing jbc:31 Disney
  Box / Tin / Case jbc:30 The Jungle Book Disney
  Standee jbc:29 Mowgli and Junior Demons & Merveilles
  Removed jbc:28
  Pez jbc:27 Mowgli the Jungle Boy Pez
  Audio Cassette jbc:26 Jungle Book (English)
  Audio jbc:25 More Jungle Book 1969 (English)
  Miscellaneous jbc:24 Walt Disney
Jungle Book
Pencil Erasers
  Stamps jbc:23 Jungle Book
Framed Stamps & Medallion
  Magnets jbc:22 The Jungle Book
  Party jbc:21 Walt Disney's
Party Set
  Posters Disney '67 jbc:20 Jungle Book V+P Holland
  Miscellaneous jbc:19 The Jungle Book
  Miscellaneous jbc:18 Jungle Book (English)
  Towels jbc:17 Magic Towel
  CD jbc:16 Jungle Boek Walt Disney Records 1998 (Dutch)
  CD jbc:15 Het Jungle Boek Weton-Wesgram b.v. 1992 (Dutch)
  Postcards jbc:14 "I'd like a word with you," said Shere Khan The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:13 All together The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:12 Mowgli 'falls in' with the Colonel's son The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:11 Baloo and Mowgli had a lazy time The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:10 "Just tell me the secret of Man's red fire" The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:9 Baloo tugs Bagheera's tail The Art Group Ltd.
  Postcards jbc:8 The Jungle Book Scandecor
  Postcards jbc:7 The Jungle Book
Bearthday Greetings
  Postcards jbc:6 Beascoa
  Postcards jbc:5 The Jungle Book Beascoa
  Postcards jbc:4 The Jungle Book Beascoa
  Postcards jbc:3 Jungle Book Athena International
  Postcards jbc:2 Junior and Mowgli
  Postcards jbc:1 Baloo and Mowgli


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