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January 16, 2016 Books (French) jbc:5813 Le Livre de la Jungle
Mowgli et les hommes
January 1, 2016 Bags & Trolleys jbc:5812 Bear Hugs Disney
March 23, 2014 Statues jbc:5758 Kaa
  Statues jbc:5757 Wolf
  Statues jbc:5756 Bagheera
  Statues jbc:5755 Baloo
  Furniture jbc:5754 Jungle Book Armchair
March 22, 2014 Statues jbc:5753 Mowgli, Bagheera & Baloo
  Statues jbc:5751 Mowgli & Bagheera
February 16, 2014 Books (Dutch) jbc:5738 Jungelboek BaeckensBooks/Zirkoon, Amsterdam 2012 (Dutch)
September 30, 2013 Disney Books jbc:5718 The Jungle Book Ladybird Books Ltd (English)
September 29, 2013 Books (Dutch) jbc:5717 Het Jungleboek C. de Vries-Brouwers 2012 (Dutch)
February 23, 2013 Murals jbc:5699 Madonna and Mowgli
  Toys jbc:5698 Baloo & Mowgli
January 19, 2013 Coins jbc:5697 Adventures of Mowgli
Silver Coin Set, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5696 Adventures of Mowgli
5 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5695 Adventures of Mowgli
5 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5694 Adventures of Mowgli
5 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5693 Adventures of Mowgli
5 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5692 Adventures of Mowgli
5 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
  Coins jbc:5691 Adventures of Mowgli
25 Dollars, Cook Islands
Cook Islands 2011 (English)
January 8, 2013 Murals jbc:5689 The Jungle Book
December 22, 2012 Not Related jbc:5685 Tiger, Tiger DreamCraft Multimedia 2006 (English)
November 29, 2012 Disney Books jbc:5684 Discover the Jungle with Mowgli Disney (English)
November 28, 2012 Audio jbc:5683 Mogli,
Das Dschungelkind
November 21, 2012 Art jbc:5682 Glowing Mowgli 2012
November 11, 2012 Toys jbc:5681 Inflatable Baloo
November 5, 2012 Stamps jbc:5680 The Jungle Book 2003
October 28, 2012 Books (Italian) jbc:5679 Il Libro di Mowgli 1950 (Italian)
October 4, 2012 Books (Other) jbc:5678 Մաուգլի (Maugli) Haypethrat 1962 (Armenian)
  Books (Italian) jbc:5677 Mowgli 1957 (Italian)
  Books (English) jbc:5676 The Jungle Book (English)
October 3, 2012 Clothes jbc:5675 The Jungle Book
  Toys jbc:5674 The Jungle Book 2012?
October 1, 2012 Food jbc:5673 Jungle Book Cake
King Louie & Mowgli
Little Cherry Cake Company 2012
September 24, 2012 Costumes jbc:5672 Mowgli
September 8, 2012 Packing jbc:5670 Jungle Book
puppet 3. Colonel Hathi
Nabisco Shreddies 1966 (English)
August 26, 2012 Books (English) jbc:5667 The Second Jungle Book 1946 (English)
August 23, 2012 Books (French) jbc:5666 Le Livre de la jungle 2012 (French)
August 20, 2012 Books (Other) jbc:5665 (Hindi) The Jungle Book (Hindi)
August 19, 2012 Audio jbc:5664 Jungle Obsession 9 Neuilly 1971
  Posters jbc:5663 Jungle Book 2012? (English)
  Books (English) jbc:5662 The Jungle Book Precious Pages (English)
  Art jbc:5661 The Jungle Book
  Books (Spanish) jbc:5660 El Libro de la Selva 1964 (Spanish)
  Shirts jbc:5659 Jungle Book
  Miscellaneous jbc:5658 Napkins
August 4, 2012 Jigsaw Puzzles jbc:5657 The Jungle Book (Russian)
  Statues jbc:5656 Mowgli
  Figurine jbc:5655 The Jungle Book
  Statues jbc:5654 Mowgli & Kaa
  Statues jbc:5653 Mowgli & Kaa
  Furniture jbc:5652 Mowgli & Rama
July 29, 2012 Books (Korean) jbc:5648 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2011 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:5647 정글북 (Jungle Book) 2012 (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:5646 정글북 (Jungle Book) (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:5645 정글북 (Jungle Book) (Korean)
  Books (Korean) jbc:5644 정글북 (Jungle Book) (Korean)
  Statues jbc:5643 The Jungle Book Lotte World, Seoul
  Books (Chinese) jbc:5642 丛林故事 (The Jungle Book) (Chinese)
July 27, 2012 Figurine jbc:5641 Mowgli Disney Japan
  Tattoo jbc:5640 Mowgli with bird 2012
  Tattoo jbc:5639 Bagheera 2012
  Tattoo jbc:5638 Baloo eating Mowgli Skin Art Studio 2010
  Tattoo jbc:5637 Vultures 2010
  Tattoo jbc:5636 The Jungle Book 2012
July 26, 2012 Books (Russian) jbc:5635 Маугли (Maugli) 1989 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5634 Маугли (Maugli) 2012 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5633 Маугли (Maugli) 1956 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5632 Маугли (Maugli) 1990 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5631 Маугли (Maugli) 1971 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5630 Маугли (Maugli) 1977 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5629 Маугли (Maugli) 2012 (Russian)
  Books (Russian) jbc:5628 Маугли (Maugli) 1992 (Russian)
  Books (French) jbc:5627 Mowgli 1975 (French)
  Figurine jbc:5626 Mowgli and Akela
July 14, 2012 Shirts jbc:5624 Mowgli
Half Sleeves Tee - Green
June 23, 2012 Comic Strips jbc:5619 The Jungle Book
Zenescope 2012 (English)
  Comic Strips jbc:5618 The Jungle Book
Zenescope 2012 (English)
  Comic Strips jbc:5617 The Jungle Book
Zenescope 2012 (May) (English)
April 23, 2012 Comic Strips jbc:5616 The Jungle Book
Zenescope 2012 (Mar 4) (English)
April 1, 2012 Audio jbc:5613 Маугли (Maugli) 1981 (Bulgarian)
March 17, 2012 Murals jbc:5612 Mowgli & Baloo
February 27, 2012 Disney Books jbc:5610 The Jungle Book Ladybird Books Ltd 1991 (English)
February 19, 2012 Art jbc:5609 Mowgli's Fire
Jungle Book
February 18, 2012 Pins jbc:5608 Маугли (Maugli) (Russian)
February 13, 2012 Books (Chinese) jbc:5607 叢林奇談(下) (Jungle Adventures 2) 1963? (Chinese)
February 11, 2012 Art jbc:5604 Rudyard Kipling
Das Dschungelbuch
  Books (German) jbc:5603 Das Dschungelbuch (German)
  CD jbc:5602 Das Dschungelbuch Tudor Recording 1998 (German)
  Books (German) jbc:5601 Das Dschungelbuch 1995 (German)
  Advertising jbc:5599 Hear The Jungle Book
and other classics
Penguin 2011
February 9, 2012 Books (Other) jbc:5598 Dos bukh fun dzshongl Vilner Farlag fun B.A. Kletskin 1913? (Yiddish)
  Art jbc:5597 The Jungle Book
Collector's edition
2011 (English)
  Art jbc:5596 The Jungle Book 2009 (English)
  Books (English) jbc:5595 The Jungle Book Random House Books for Young Readers; Elibron Classics series edition 2012 (English)
February 4, 2012 Furniture jbc:5594 Jungle Book Couch
January 29, 2012 Statues jbc:5593 The Jungle Book 2006
  Statues jbc:5592 The Jungle Book
January 27, 2012 Art jbc:5591 Mowgli deviantART 2012


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