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André Roche
André Roche

André Roche (Munich, Germany) free-lance illustrator since 1975

Jungle Book in Kinder Surprise (animated cartoons (TV commercials))

Jungle Book in Kinder Surprise

Another 'Jungle Book' picture he made 1983 for a “counting book” which told the story of Mickey Mouse going to all his friends (out of different Disney feature films) and inviting them to his anniversary party. Each double page was dedicated to another characters group and another number, this page with the Jungle Book heroes to the number eight.
The (young) reader had to count how many elements of each kind he could find in the picture: 8 stones, 8 characters (beside Micky Mouse), 8 butterflies, 8 flowers, 8 bananas, 8 trees, 8 leaves, 8 lianes.

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