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Experimental page, for tags on the items in The Jungle Book Collection.
You can see the experiment by following next link (test). This will not only bring you to the page with posters, but also set a cookie that holds for about two hours which activates the test. If you like to remove the cookie earlier, go to 'test off'.
As long as the cookie is active, you see an small icon at each of the items. Click on that small icon to get more information about the Jungle Book where the object is based on.

This 'JbcBaseOther' -tag is used at The Jungle Book Collection for the items that are not based on one of the following Jungle Books (or -movies)... (it is ofcoarse based on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book but that category is reserved for the more close stories)

originals and close translations to the original books from Rudyard Kipling (1894/1895)
Material based on Alexander Korda's Jungle Book movie (1942)
Material based on Disney's animated Jungle Book (1967)
Material based on the Russian animation by Roman Davidov (1967)


For a list of all base-tags, look on the page Category.Base.

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