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Jungle Book 3D

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Jungle Book 3D animated movie, TV series (2010-)

Director: Tapaas Chakravarti
Production Co: DQ Entertainment

52 x 11 minute episodes and has now been sold in 160 countries.
DQE announced Q3 in 2010/11 –so anytime from October 2010 onward then.
In the UK the BBC has acquired broadcasting rights.

1Man Trap
2Wild Black Bees
3Itchy Twitchy Kaa!
4The Race
5Monkey Queen
6Sleeping Python
7Treasure of Cold Lair
8Legend of Giant Claw
9Fished Out
10Kite Flight
11Mowgli's Log
12Who Is the Bravest?
13The Waterfall
14Darzi's Waterfall Rescue
15Mowgli's Sparklie
16Blood Brothers
17Survival of the Fittest
18The Day the Earth Shook
19The Jungle Tour
20Snake Bite
21The Bridge
22Phaona's Nasty Trick
23The Wishing Tree
24Is That You, Kaa?
25The Rubber Ball
26The Cobra's Egg


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