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The adult character Ketrin, a feral youth raised by wolf-like 'lupinoids' in the jungle, is of course heavily influenced by Rudyard Kiplingís Mowgli from the two Jungle Books (1894-5) opposed to the watered-down version of the character in Disneyís animated Jungle Book (1967), which is probably the only version of the story that millions of people know.

Story (minor spoilers)

The Ketrin stories combine the author Leem's interest in Mowgli and other jungle boy stories with his fetish for erotic immobility (Statuephilia or Pygmalionism). Ketrin is about 18 when he re-encounters humanity and discovers the delights of human sexuality (mostly gay).

The evil chief hunter Borvinn obtains a spell designed to paralyse Ketrin so that he can have the jungle youth all to himself. After a long and arduous chase Borvinn finally catches up with Ketrin, but the spell backfires and paralyses them both permanently. The frozen Ketrin is found by starving villagers and worshipped as a god, and Borvinn is left in the jungle. Meanwhile Ketrin's lover Sherinel persuades some of Ketrin's lupinoids to help search for him.

Behind the scenes shadowy forces of good and evil are preparing for a major confrontation in which Ketrin and his furry friends will play a major role.

The original draft of the story was written in September 1999. The story has taken much longer than expected to write, with intervals of as much as two years between instalments. The author has stated that he does have an ending planned, and hopes to complete the story before the Earth is hit by an asteroid.

Update: December 2015

Part 15 was posted just before Christmas. The author hopes he can finish the story with Part 16, and hopes to complete it in less than a year from then.

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