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Mowgli wearing a loincloth
by Pavel Major

Mowgli form The Jungle Book is often depicted in a loincloth. In most cases this is done because our 'modern' (especially the western-) culture does not allow us to see Mowgli nude, in other cases it is more or less correct.
In Tiger! Tiger! for example we read how Mowgli is wearing a cloth (probably a dhoty, or loincloth).
Part from Tiger! Tiger!

For three months after that night Mowgli hardly ever left the village gate, he was so busy learning the ways and customs of men. First he had to wear a cloth round him, which annoyed him horribly; ...

At some drawings the loincloth looks more like a diaper.
Some people believe that Disney's version of Mowgli is hiding a boomerang in his cloth.

Some pictures of Mowgli, every time in different loincloth... (more at "Mowgli Loincloth Colors")

Russian Mowgli
Disney's Mowgli
(Jamie Williams)
(by Barry Blair)
(by Richard Palmer)


In the Disney movie The Jungle Book 2, Ranjan --Mowgli's little brother-- has a similar problem as Mowgli had in the first Disney version of The Jungle Book. The only difference is that Mowgli's loincloth was held by Bagheera and Ranjan's loincloth was snagged on a branch.



Other names for loincloth and similar clothing;

Fundoshi is Ancient Japanese traditional underwear.
Default is made from cotton in width 1 foot and leight 8 feet.
Fundoshi has 4 type
Kaupina or Konakam is Ancient India traditional underwear.
This same as jungle loincloth but have 2 pieces (belt and fabric) for wear.
Ascetic, Yogi or Sadhu wear it.
Langota, Langot or Langoti is India traditional underwear.
It's same as Ecchu Fundoshi in type and how to wear.
Everyone can wear beside Ascetic and Kushti Wrestler.

Some Loincloth sites;

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