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Mowgli (the mancub)

Mowgli is a boy raised by wolves and other wild animals from the jungle.

His character is shaped by Rudyard Kipling in The Jungle Book (1894).

Some quotes from The Jungle Books
Mowgli's Brothers with the introduction of Mowgli.

“Keep him!” she gasped. ”He came naked, by night, alone and very hungry; yet he was not afraid! Look, he has pushed one of my babes to one side already. And that lame butcher would have killed him and would have run off to the Waingunga while the villagers here hunted through all the lairs in revenge! Keep him? Assuredly I will keep him. Lie still, Little frog. O thou Mowgli - for Mowgli the frog I will call thee - the time will come when thou wilt hunt Shere Khan as he has hunted thee."

Kaa's Hunting tells what happened to Mowgli when he was about seven.

"Bagheera gave him half a dozen love-taps from a panther's point of view (they would hardly have waked one of his own cubs), but for a seven-year-old boy they amounted to as severe a beating as you could wish to avoid. When it was all over Mowgli sneezed, and picked himself up without a word."


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