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Nathoo is the name of Messua's son, who was lost in the jungle many years before Mowgli's arrival at the village.

Messua believes that Mowgli is Nathoo returned. Mowgli thinks that the real Nathoo died in the jungle, but lets Messua keep believing that he is her real son.

From The Jungle Book 'Tiger! Tiger!:

She gave him a long drink of milk and some bread, and then she laid her hand on his head and looked into his eyes; for she thought perhaps that he might be her real son come back from the jungle where the tiger had taken him. So she said, "Nathoo, O Nathoo!" Mowgli did not show that he knew the name. "Dost thou not remember the day when I gave thee thy new shoes?" She touched his foot, and it was almost as hard as horn. "No," she said sorrowfully, "those feet have never worn shoes, but thou art very like my Nathoo, and thou shalt be my son."

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