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(Translated from article out of Dutch newspaper the "Arnhemse Courant" june 19, 2001. [Photo Reuters] -- original title; "Nieuwe Mowgli")

SANTIAGO - Jungle Book relives in Chili and particulary the boy Mowgli. A child that has been abondoned after his birth, succeeded in surviving for eleven year due to a pack of stray dogs. He was found in a cave where he had lived together with the dogs for all these years. A police spokesman said one of the bitches nourished the boy. After that he stayed alive by plundering trash cans for food together with the 15 dogs in the southern port Talcuano. "They were his family", the police spokesman said. When the dogchild, as the press named him, was discovered, he jumped into the ocean to escape the people. A policeman jumped after him to save him.

See also Other Mowgli: with links to other real-life stories.

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BBC News Monday, 18 June, 2001, 'Dog child' rescued

BBC News Wednesday, 20 June, 2001, Children in wolves' clothing

with: An 11-year-old Chilean boy who was found living with a pack of street dogs did not survive by suckling from of the animals, as media reports had suggested.
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