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First Jungle Book
Mowgli riding Rama

Rama the King of the Buffaloes

From The Jungle Book Mowgli's Song

Rama, the King of the Buffaloes, stamped with his foot. Waters of the Waingunga, whither went Shere Khan?

From The Jungle Book Tiger! Tiger!

The custom of most Indian villages is for a few boys to take the cattle and buffaloes out to graze in the early morning, and bring them back at night. The very cattle that would trample a white man to death allow themselves to be banged and bullied and shouted at by children that hardly come up to their noses. So long as the boys keep with the herds they are safe, for not even the tiger will charge a mob of cattle. But if they straggle to pick flowers or hunt lizards, they are sometimes carried off. Mowgli went through the village street in the dawn, sitting on the back of Rama, the great herd-bull. The slaty-blue buffaloes, with their long, backward-sweeping horns and savage eyes, rose out their byres, one by one, and followed him, and Mowgli made it very clear to the children with him that he was the master. He beat the buffaloes with a long, polished bamboo, and told Kamya, one of the boys, to graze the cattle by themselves, while he went on with the buffaloes, and to be very careful not to stray away from the herd.


Rama is the name of Father Wolf in Disney's animated movie.

From The Jungle Book (1967)

... "A family of wolves I knew had been blessed with a litter of cubs."
"Why?, there'd be no problem with the mother, thanks to maternal instinct, but I wasn't so sure about Rama?, the father."
[Rama comes from forest looks at the man-cub, sees smiling face of Raksha, looks at cute Mowgli again and smiles too. The "My Own Home" theme starts in the background as they carry basket with baby Mowgli into the wolf lair.]

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