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Shanti is the name of the village girl in Disney's "The Jungle Book 2" (first seen at the end of "The Jungle Book" movie from 1967)

First Appearance
Shanti originally appeared at the end of "The Jungle Book," following the conclusion of a scene where Mowgli confronts Shere Khan. As Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli are walking through the jungle, a song is heard, which turns their attention to a young girl fetching water from a nearby pond. Mowgli ends up making eye-contact with the little girl, who sings of fetching the water for her family, as well as how one day, she will have a handsome husband, and a daughter to fetch the water as she is doing.
As she turns to go, she drops her water jug, which causes Mowgli to emerge from some brush, and help refill it. Offering it to her, she casually walks away, almost 'luring' Mowgli to follow her.
At the entrance to the man-village, Mowgli is apprehensive to go with her, but the little girl's expression soon causes him to follow.

Character Evolution
Originally, Shanti did not have a name, and was referred to as 'the girl' in story notes and model sheets for The Jungle Book. According to the documentary 'Frank and Ollie,' the idea that a girl causes Mowgli to go into the man-village was an idea of Walt Disney's. Supervising animator Ollie Johnston commented that he felt her inclusion was a terrible idea at the time. However, he grew to accept Walt Disney's direction for the story. Adding the little girl at the end also was one of Disney's last creative decisions on "The Jungle Book,' as he passed away shortly after the story meeting.

In 2003, Disney released a sequel to "The Jungle Book," titled "The Jungle Book 2." This film dealt with Mowgli's life in the man-village, and also included Shanti and Shanti's mother, and Mowgli's new little brother, Ranjan, whom she treats as if he's her little brother, even though there is no relation, taking some of her time to take care of Ranjan like a baby and teach him how to behave and stay safe.

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