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Shonen Mowgli DVD Box

Japanese box 2

Japanese box 1

We are looking for the DVD Collection with all episodes of The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli
We know of an Japanese distribution, but need something spoken in English or with English subtitles.

If you have any information, please add the information on this page!

If anyone is still here, Vijitaent is selling the entire series in an 8 disc boxset in English from Indian Ebay. I ordered my copy and it works (In NTSC format), however he can't organise international shipping so you'll have to organise a TNT courier to collect from his buisness address.

I ordered it finally !
Its the english version.

There is something on YouTube

Shonen Mowgli DVD Box (in Japanese) 少年モーグリ DVD-BOX1

Distributor: Sonart ? -- address?

The Jungle Book - Mowgli is born - Mowgli goes hunting
DVD at Oxfam [1] 1.99

The Jungle Book TV Series DVD in English are available at
Overseas shipping service available, but it seems that not all episodes are not included.

Mowgli Is Born
Mowgli Goes Hunting

Mowgli's Journey
A Trip Of Adventure

A Cold Fang
Sorry Baloo

Return Of The Brave
Chilly Woods

I have found the Nippon animation english website. I believe that they are the ones who made the show. Here is there website

I will try to email them later.

From Cameron

The entire series will be available in two dvd-box from the 16/06/2008!!! You can buy on this italian site:

These are the links to the first ( ) and the second ( ) dvd-box. Both of these boxes will have english and italian language in stereo. The site offer also a worldwide shipping. Please note that the dvds are PAL dvds!

Unfortunately the site is in italian with no english option.

From Danielsky

P.S. If someone is interested please let me know in the guestbook so i will post a guide in egnlish to help those who don't speak italian to buy the dvds from the site.

I would be interested. Thanks.



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