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Hi, I am Marc.

Born and living in the Netherlands (Holland) and (because of that) in my daily life almost always speaking Dutch. But for the mostly English orientated Internet I try to use English here.

The Jungle Book Collection

May 2000 I started a homepage [1] with a small item collection related to The Jungle Books. I did that because I collected stuff of the Jungle Book and noticed that there was not much information about it on the Internet (at least I could not find it at that time :). The other reason was that I liked to learn more about creating a website.

Later I liked to use a database to create the pages and learned about MySQL and PHP. To be able to use it I took an other hosting provider where I could use those skills and asked for a proper domain name (

I do not have a lot of time to work on this site. I created a button add info at each of the objects in the collection to allow other people to add information related to that item.

JBWiki, The Jungle Book Wiki

To allow people to add "Jungle Book" information that is not directly related to one of the items in the collection, I added this wiki.

I hope that this wiki and the junglebook-collection may please you.

Marc van der Kamp

Look or edit my ToDo list for this site.

Other sites where I am giving technical assistance...

Demotech: Democracy supporting Technology has a lot to accomplish before it deserves that name. Being aware of the shortcomings of contemporary technology is good for a start.
The Research part of the Demotech site.
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