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Projectors jbc:785 English
Bedtime Story Theater
The Jungle Book
Bedtime Story Theater, The Jungle Book

Jungle Book cassette tape for Bedtime Story Castle Projector.
These cassettes are designed to be used with the Bedtime Story Theater, but could also be used in any cassette player. Package include cassette and film cartridge that automatically projects large, colorful, frame-by-frame pictures onto the ceiling.
Story is about ten minutes long.
The audio cassette feature character voices, dynamic music and sound effects.

extra info: donderdag 6 november, 2003  (Nick)

#785 ... Please inform if this or any other Bedtime Story Castle Projector stories are for sale.

Thanks very much!

source: eBay

Projectors jbc:2775
The Jungle Book 2
The Jungle Book 2
by: Mini Cine Exin

about 23 x 19 x 7 cm.

Projectors jbc:3710 English
Disney Animal Friends
Movie Theater
Disney Animal Friends, Movie Theater

Storybook & Movie projector
This hardcovered, 48 page book contains 5 favorite animal stories based on the Disney movies: The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Lady & the Tramp, The Jungle Book and Bambi.
The book comes with a removable projector and 10 mini disks that can be used to project the images from the stories. 80 images in all can be projected.
The projector has replaceable batteries and light bulb for long term use.

Projectors jbc:905 English
Jungle Book
by: Chad Valley England
year: 1966

Battery operated Projector

112 colour slides showing 16 complete stories
On the box it has patent number 924025 and is dated 1965 in Roman Numerals

See also jbc:2005

source: eBay

Projectors jbc:2005
Le Livre de la Jungle
Le Livre de la Jungle
by: Meccano Triang
year: 1968

Red projector
16 strips numbered 113 to 128 each with 7 colored images
ready for wall projection.

See also jbc:905

source: eBay

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