Photo's received by email from Tish Noble (May 25 and 26, 2008)
(comments by Marc)

Below you see 12 Limoges plates based on The Jungle Books, designed and painstakingly wrought by one of Limoges best folk artist at the turn of the century - Mary Bacon Jones.

He believed that all things were one big Miracle, and when a man knows that much he knows something to go upon.
The Miracle of Purun Bhagat.

jbc:3898 - jbc:1179
These are the Four that are never content, that have never be filled since the Dews began--
Jacala's mouth, and the glut of the Kite, and the hands of the Ape, and the Eyes of Man.

The King's Ankus.

That is the noise of the spring--a vibrating boom which is neither bees, nor falling water, nor the wind in tree-tops, but the purring of the warm, happy world.
The Spring Running.

All things made he--Shiva the Preserver.
Mahadeo! Mahadeo! He made all--
Thorn for the camel, fodder for the kine,
And mother's heart for sleepy head, O little son of mine!

Toomai Of The Elephants.

Praise him with nightingale words--
Nay, I will praise him instead.
Hear! I will sing you the praise of the bottle-tailed Rikki, with eyeballs of red!

Darzee's Chant.

This is the hour of pride and power,
Talon and tush and claw.
Oh, hear the call!--Good hunting all
That keep the Jungle Law!

Mowgli's Brothers.

"There is none like to me!" says the Cub in the pride of his earliest kill;
But the jungle is large and the Cub he is small. Let him think and be still.

Kaa's Hunting.

Luckily, the Law of the Jungle had taught him to keep his temper, for in the jungle life and food depend on keeping your temper;
"Tiger! Tiger!".

For summer gales and Killer Whales
Are bad for baby seals.

Are bad for baby seals, dear rat,
As bad as bad can be;
But splash and grow strong,
And you can't be wrong.
Child of the Open Sea!

The White Seal.

He knew that when the Jungle moves only white men can hope to turn it aside.
Letting in the Jungle.

'Nothing was ever yet lost by silence,' said Kaa -no sting could penetrate his scales- 'and thou hast all the long night for the hunting'.
Red Dog.

With good luck, a keen eye, and the custom of considering whether a creek or a backwater has an outlet to it ere you ascend, much may be done.
The Undertakers.